Giggles At Work

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Whirlwind, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Giggles At Work

    Whew! I just got a baaaaaad case of the giggles here at the office!

    I'm working on a safety plan that needs to be reviewed. It's taken me since Monday, and I'm printing it out now.

    My printer ran out of paper and was like: "Please insert paper. Please insert paper. Please..."

    I was digging through my supplies, opening up the ream of paper and I turned around and snapped at my printer: "I'm getting it now! Can you just wait!"

    Then I realized I was talking to a printer and I bust out laughing.

    Then I was running the document through the copier and it was going fine, printing two-side copies. All of a sudden, the last four or so pages got sucked up all at once and I reached out and grabbed for pulled and pulled and sucked the documents out of my hands.

    "You stupid jerk!" I screamed, and my coworkers bust out laughing at me. Oh, man! I sat at my desk too long, got sleepy, it's 81 degrees in my office, I'm sleepy, almost finished with my job for today, and I got the giggles...

    ...baaaaad giggles.:eek:
  2. That beats the weepies brother.
  3. I'm in the habit of thinking out loud. Some would call it "talking to myself", but I call it "thinking out loud." I talk to inanimate objects like my computer when I'm upset at it not cooperating. When I'm driving and someone does something stupid, I yell out "Did you see that?" Then I ask myself, "Who am I talking to? There's no one here but me!" Oh well, just write it off as being senile at 62. :D
  4. Not senility my brother, it's just that we know we're never alone. :)

    It's funny when you get so tired you get delusional and laugh for no reason, or silly reasons.
  5. I have the giggles most of the time. It's hard to keep quiet. Every little thing just makes me laugh. It doesn't even have to be funny. It can be something serious. That is also bound to make me giggle. The seriousness of something.

  6. Jon- Marc........ They say it's ok as long as you don't answer yourself . I like to call it " sometimers ".......... He he :D

  7. It's the operator. I get like that too sometimes with my tablet presses. Yes I make vitamins and homeopathic, and medical foods. If the press isn't doing what I want I start yelling at it "You dirty rotten machine" well it is doing what I tell it what to do....therefore op error. I should be smakin myself not the machine. I dont laff about it but i kik myself in da rear for not catchin it sooner, but the other peeps r laffin n I just humble myself n take it. Even tho it bothers me I concentrate on Jesus to humble my heart. All in all in the end it is kinda funny so I jus shine it off, no harm done jus a good "HELLLLLOOOOOO" I hope that made some kind of sense.
    Chili out.
  8. "whirlwind."


    "it's time to wake up now and get ready for work."

    "oh, okay..."

    Then half-way through my shower I realize...wait a minute! I just woke myself up for the day!:eek:


    Funerals. Those are bad places to get the giggles. I once got the giggles in court, while sitting on jury duty. Meetings with important clients, done that too. Just about choked on my coffee laughing and everybody's looking at me like: what?

    My brains seems to store funny things in my main memory until it needs to entertain or wake me up a bit...then it flashes these across my screen and I laugh for no reason.

    Like the other day in the video store...I jumped out from behind a display to scare Preston. I shouted: "Ha!" Only it wasn't Preston. I was so embarrassed!:eek:
  9. when i was in grade 8 i was sitting in social studies doing map stuff (four figure and six figure grid references wich i allready knew how to do) at the beggining of class i just started laughing and i ended up laughing through the entier class lol my teacher sent me out to the hall and i laughed more and all for no reason lol

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