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  1. Besides the gift of salvation...what is the greatest gift you have received and what is the greatest gift you have given? If more than one make a list. This should be encouraging! :)
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  2. My wife and kids are my greatest recieved gifts! :notworthy:
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  3. The greatest gift I have received:

    The received blessings from God
    My mother still with me
    My grandmother's Bible
    My husband
    My Friends

    The greatest gift I have given:

    Things made with my hands
  4. Yes, me too, my family is the greatest gift (or gifts). I have received. The gift I have given is that long ago I answered a call to serve the Lord in the mission field for over two years before I got married. We do receive as we give even though our heart is to serve God and others. And that is gift too.

    Most of all whether family or fellowship.. to me grace is the greatest gift of all as it comes from the Giver of Grace.
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  5. Well.....I would say, as a man, the greatest gift a man can receive is a woman. A woman we fall in love with then becomes our wife, our soul mate who we can share our lives with in love and she completes our existence. Without a woman, life would have ended a long time ago and we would not be having this conversation.

    What then is the greatest gift I have given???? A dog to my children. When a child learns how to feed, and take care of a dog and sees how that animal then becomes a part of their life, it allow them to transfer that love and adoration to their children when they have them.
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  6. Aside from the gift of the Cross some of the greatest blessings in my life have been a loving husband, a roof over my head and food to eat, living in a war-free country, and having been blessed with the gift of faith. Sometimes when I cannot sleep I start to count all of my blessings and they seem to go on and on and on. I feel fortunate to have God in my life above all else. Without Him I would be completely lost.
  7. The gift of salvation.
    The gift of Repentance
    The desire to grow in Him and become ever so pleasing unto Him. Yes that's a Gift!!
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  8. AMEN Major!!!!
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  9. Greatest Gifts Received

    As you said, “Salvation” and just knowing God is there all the time

    My wonderful “Family” and their love


    Having “Enough” to enjoy life without being stressed

    “Life’s Experiences”


    Greatest Gifts Given

    “Trying to be a Good Example" (I hope and pray I am anyway)

    “My Time” to kids and grandkids

    "Provided" for my family the best I could

    “My Help, Support and Opinion” when family wants and requests it
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  10. Of course, the greatest gift to me has been and continues to be my wife.

    But, I would like to mention that the gifts that have made the greatest positive impact in my later years have been the challenges that the Lord has brought me through in these last 10 years.

    These challenges included loosing my job with the economic downturn in 2009, followed by fighting cancer in 2012.

    These may seem like calamities, and they were difficult for me and my family to go thru, but the Lord used them to put an end to my work-life (while not really leaving me infirm) and to prepare my heart for the new life He would have me live.

    He brought me through all that and I am now living a retirement life of service to the Lord thru service to those around me. Service to my community through volunteerism, and service to the people I meet daily.

    I have made a conscious effort to be a blessing to those I meet.

    I forget who said it, and I may have the quotation wrong, but it is said that 'At any given moment, you need have only two loves: The Love of God, and love for the person in front of you'.

    So I am not really stretching things to say that the greatest gifts I received in my later life was to loose my job and to battle cancer.
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  11. I think the greatest gift I have received ever would be my son. My exhusband never wanted children. I wanted 4 or 5. My son was a blessing to me at birth and he is still a huge blessing to me today. Nothing compares to having him in my world.
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