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Giants...yeah right

Discussion in 'Snaggables' started by HeisallIneed, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Giants...yeah right

  2. can't see the pictures!
  3. I see them...is their anyone else that cant see them??
  4. I just see red X's
  5. I don't see them
  6. Sorry one and all ..it must be the format in which it was sent to me. Unfortunately I'm not a computor whizz so it may take me a little while to figure out how to change it so all can see.
  7. Do you happen to have a ImageShack or Photobucket (there free) account that you could upload and link the pictures to? It works pretty slick and easy. :) It's also handy to have one of those accounts as a back-up for web/email/forum posting of photos. :)
  8. Thats the way it is when you add things on a site that you get in an email. You can see them but no one else can.
    Use a photo uploading site and you shouldnt have any problems to add them here so we all can see them .
    GBU Tavy
  9. Thanks for all the help ...I have HP Premier..will try photobucket

  10. Excellent job HeisallIneed!! :) I have a Photobucket account and didn't even know you could do that. That came out very nice, good job. :)

    HeisallIneed, I know you probably have seen this plenty of times before, but...
  11. Good job...nah just a fluke. Thanks for the song..I had'nt heard that before ..aint that the truth , all we need.. its a lovely song :)


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