giant snake

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  1. Yeah...what makes that python look so big is the partly digested lunch in its belly.
    Could have been a wallaby or a wombat, or a crocodile or anything else that looked particularly tasty.
    It looks to be about 3 meters long which is about normal.
    I wrestled with one in my misspent youth, and I can tell you they can really put the squeeze on you.:eek:
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  2. @calvin You wrestled with one?!:eek: Just by looking at the picture I feel like passing out. I love animals but I could never get rid of my fear of snakes. If it takes me touching one to get rid of my fear then im okay. I rather keep having nightmares about them. Kudos to you!:LOL:
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  3. you are a super hero!
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  4. No...just a reformed idiot.
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  5. LOL!
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  6. Actually the snake had some mouth disease and that made it (can't recall gender) really mean and cranky, so when I picked it up it threw loop after loop around me and in a show of affection, gave me a really huge hug:)
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  7. I like snakes/reptiles. I raised them most of my life
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  8. I'm not a fan of snakes, spiders or anything crawly. :p
    Pretty brave @calvin. :cool:
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  9. Surely you're from Australia? If not, I apologise :D
  10. Crickey! :D
  11. Was it the signature?
    I though the same from the signature. :D
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  12. Nah, lol he mentioned 'wallaby' and 'wombat' which are only found in Australia :)
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  13. what about in the San Diago zoo? ;)
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  14. Good point, but are those animals native to San Diego?
  15. I don't know.
    If they were bred there would that make them native?
    Anyway, if you click on my neckless bust you will see where I am resident.
  16. Ah I see. I didn't know that. :giggle:
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