Get Well - Prose

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  1. Get Well - Prose

    This prose is for someone whom I love very much. Who I hope will one day recover to her full potential.

    Get Well -

    I hope you will get well, friend. I pray for you everyday.
    I think of you so much. I've shed so many tears for you. I miss the old you, the one who used to laugh and smile, the one who is millions of miles away.

    Please, get well. I don't know what else to do. I want you to see me grow up, too. Have a family, have kids, a dog. I want you to there on my wedding day, my college graduation.

    I don't know how to say how important you are to me, how much I love you. You're my best friend, the one who brought me into this world...and I'm afraid I'm going to loose you.

    God, I've cried so many tears. I begged on my knees and asked for You to forgive me just so you'd be okay. Sometimes I think of giving up, but I know I can't. I look to the future hoping one day it's gonna all come true.

    I love you. I know it's a really tired superlative, but it is so true. I wish there was another way to say, "I love you". But that will do.

    I'll always find a star for you, a light for you, a hope for you. I won't give up, not until, somehow, someway, you'll be better. I might be fooling myself, but I don't wanna cry no more. I don't wanna see you stuck here forever.

    I love you. I really do. God does, too.

    ----- NTG -----


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