Get my song published?

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  1. It's about children suffering through the separation and divorce of their parents. I've got the words, and the music is on a CD. The places I have contacted want an upfront investment. I'm not going to do that. If all else fails I'll find a couple of kids, video it, and upload it to Youtube.

    Anyone have a suggestion about where I can get it published for real?

  2. Dok,
    I spent 25 years chasing the star dream and your very first step is to mail yourself a copy of the lyrics and any music you have written. When the post office delivers the mail, put it under lock and key without breaking the seal and without tearing the envelope. This is a poor manś copy-write. Then pitch it with demos to every performer you can send it to and every radio station possible. If it is picked up they will do the rest for you but if they steal it you have certified, dated and seal proof that you wrote it and that they owe you millions.
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  3. Hi Dok,

    For a do-it-yourself option with no upfront costs, go to


  4. Absolutely!!!!!

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