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  1. genesis

    God made man in his own image.i guess this is Jesus.:D
  2. the beginning and the end.:)
  3. To tell the truth I had always wondered specifically what "image" meant. Is it character? Personality? Thoughts? Feelings? Or it is the bodily human shape itself?
  4. God created man in his own image and likeness,
    Same shape and being
  5. man vcreated in God's "image" means several things-

    1- God is a Trinity. thus man was created as a trinity- man's soul- (spirit intellect)- God the Father. Man's spirit- spirit body- (Holy Spirit). Man's flesh and blood physical body- (Jesus Christ).

    2- God has a "free will" inventive intelligent mind- so does man-

    3- God looks just like man, as far as shape, etc- (God walked with man in Garden of Eden), Moses allowed to see God- read description of it), read in Isa. and Ezek. among other Old Test Books of visions of God the Father sitting on His Throne in Heaven, plus more.

    God Bless!!
  6. just that the bible says in the first account of genesis,God made man.then he made men and women.also in daniel it says the evening and the morning was true.also the ammount of times Jesus says God.very few times the Lord.also in revelation Jesus is Lord of Lords.i have my own theories just wondered about yours.:D

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