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  1. IMG_0637.JPG I don't see how desiring our husbands is a a bad thing. Now I'm not married but if I was I would Want my husband.
    can someone explain this passage.
    Many thanks. Is this part of a curse? Part of original sin?
    The only thing I can think of is desire unrealised is a bad thing....
    Oh I don't know please help me understand
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  2. Part of this is the curse... for women had never given birth before... but I imagine that had Adam and Eve not sinned... it would have not been painful or labored.
    Easy peasy :)

    As I re-read this verse and pray about the answer, I believe that in the garden, even though they were one flesh God ruled over them both (Adam and Eve). But when they sinned... God ordained man as the head of the house and the womans desire was to serve her husband and not just be a helpmate or equal partner and seeker of the Lord.

    It's like God was setting or ordaining the man to be the priest of each house. We today have no idea how it was in the garden, we only know how it became, and the desire for a lot of women is for her husband and family. This verse is just our seeing God speak into existence what most of us already feel inside.

    Hope this helps
  3. The word for "desire" is to crave. When you crave something, it's because it's lacking. The truth is that men crave the woman too. This is an hierarchical curse - as they were equal - but was instilling a want that they never had before. A want is to show a lack. Singles crave for relationships. Since they lost their relationship with the Lord, He instilled in us this lack towards one another. Only through the Lord do we not lack (Psa 23) as @CTurtal said. The fact they didn't lack before is now part of the curse.
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  4. I agree with Abdicate. The 'desire' referred to in Genesis is not referring to mutual attraction, but something deeper and more uncontrollable. It is something that infers that personal choice is no longer a total part of the picture, but rather something more animalistic - like magnets being pulled toward each other. If even at the most minimal level the need for another has elements of animalistic attraction associated with it, the curse aspect begins to show. Rather than choice, the attraction becomes more of a need, a primal need. For most people it is not easy to stay alone their entire lives - they are pulled to become coupled up. At first glance is difficult to regard this as a curse, but when you look at it from the viewpoint of those who cannot find a mate and who feel longing, loneliness, and suffering, then it starts to become more evident that this is more of a curse than a blessing. We seek each other out because we lack something inside of us - we lack emotional fulfillment because sin has cut us off from the perfect love of God. And where did this original sin happen? In Eden.
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  5. Well I'm quite happy with the guys being the head so I'm glad we sinned after all. But they couldn't do it without us hey?
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  6. lol! Via Dolarossa! Thats a huge banner you posted (I was able to take my glasses off to read it!) I don't know...I was kinda hoping for paradise - no opening doors for ladies, no driving the wife shopping, no cutting the grass or pulling weeds, no doing this or doing that.....just sweet paradise. (don't tell my wife I said this) lol!

    God bless you!
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  7. You had your paradise now it's our turn:LOL:
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    Hey if you all are gonna have fun here I am chimen in.
    Anchor Girl
    Now that's the way life should be.
    :whistle: Blessings
    Captain FCJ
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  9. I don't think we really took it straight, that fruit!
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  10. wow

    great explanations

    and thank God that Jesus set us free from the curse so that in Christ we can have a balanced/whole/healthy relationship with God, spouse, family, friends
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