Genesis 6;2;7

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  1. Genesis 6;2;7


  2. a hoax m8.
  3. Where'd these come from? They look real, but in the days of photoshop anything's possible.
  4. Cool pics grin
  5. No Nephelim just before Noah.We are living in the days of Noah.God bless you Univac.
  6. They perished in the flood.
  7. Noah preached repentance for 120 years and only he and his family were saved.Pentecost 120 days.Just before Yeshua days of Noah wil He truly find faith on eaerth when He returns.
  8. All that Gods callls shall be saved.
  9. no actually some are hoaxes ..
    Giant Skeleton Hoax

    there are real big skeletons found though other than those :) in australia, in usa, in many places :)
  10. Well...Davids Goliath was six cubits and a span.
    That would make him nine and a half feet give or take a couple inches

    The skeleton in the picture must be sixty feet tall. There is a man in germany right now who is about ten feet tall. He has massive health problems because of his height and weight. Giants do not live long these days.
  11. I believe there were very large skeleton bones found in some European country - but they were not as big as the bones shown. I actually saw those photographs on and it was a clever someone else said in the days of Photoshop what do we know? LOL. :D

  12. There I was! A thousand giants on my right. A thousand giants on my left. Thousands of giants in front of me, and I had a billy goat under one arm.
    (the billy goat went good with mustard) ....
  13. the 600 year old giant chariot Cho xD
  14. I thought the nephilim were mentioned again after Noah???
  15. I don't remember giants mentioned after Noah :S but I could be wrong, faulty memory maybe !
  16. I think it says "there were giants in the land in those days, and also after that..." Gen, 6:5. Some folk think the "after that" refers to after the flood, the giants then became the sons of Anak in Canaan that so terrified the Israelites after the Exodus from Egypt. Apparently Jewish tradition states that one giant escaped the flood by riding on top of the Ark, and Noah fed it by passing food through the window. It sounds a bit far fetched to me, but who knows...
  17. LOL.
    you think God wouldn't notice :p ? or even allow ?
  18. Far fetched is an understatement.

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