Genesis 1 and Genesis 2

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  1. Genesis 1 states that God made the animals before the humans, and Genesis 2 states the opposite. How do you explain this? This is a clear contradiction, and I think one might have to go back into the original Hebrew text to find out the answer to this hard question.
  2. Haha! Go see my last post in your "doing it right" thread. I actually posted that before I read this!
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  3. Wow, what a coincidence! I know that there are no contradictions in the Bible, but how would you explain this?
  4. Looking into it right now.
  5. Are you referring to Genesis 2:19 as the contradiction with 1:24-25?
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  6. I looked into this not too long ago to see what I was missing

    Answers in genesis did a pretty good job of explaining it.

    Essentially the Hebrew word for formed is yatsar, and it can have two different meanings. Both in the tense of formed for the first time, and in the past tense of had formed.

    With Genesis 2 using the 2nd meaning of yatsar, it is with the understanding that the Lord already created the animals, and brought them to Adam.
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  7. Ohhh thanks
  8. Yeas
  9. Without previously knowing the information you mentioned here....that was what I assumed as well. That in Genesis 2 it was simply a description of how the Lord formed the animals that He had already created. I view chapter 1 to chapter 2:1-4 as the chronological history of the creation and the rest of chapter 2 as a partial description and further explanation of the creation.
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  10. Thanks for the link Klub. I just read it and it confirms what I found out. He gives a good explanation.
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  11. That was the way of writing in that time era or as some call it...."Dispensation".

    A fact was given and then later it was explained.
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  12. Juk, there are NO Bible contradictions. Every single thing that appears to be one is always able to be explained when we do more in depth study.
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  13. Cool, thanks Major [emoji106] . I never knew that.
  14. Well any time my good friend....anytime!

    Also, many things in Scripture are stated as "Understood".

    An example would be Genesis 1:1....."In the beginning God".

    That is a GIVEN because no where in the Bible is there an explination off God. Moses just said what he expected everyone else to know. There is a God and that God is our Creator.
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