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  1. Genesie 1:26--And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
    27--So God created man in HIS own image, in the image of God created him; male and female created He them.

    There were angels in existence at this time. I think that God knew the devil's thoughts at this time and created man in his own image to set up the devil for the end and to set up all of man that would follow the ways of the devil. God knows the end from the beginning. He made us in His image as protection if we chose Him. We are capable of truth, love, wisdom and all that follows love. The devil isn't and probably wasn't at that time.

    Yeshua Bless You
  2. It is quite something to grasp that scripture, that we are made in His image. Even though the universe is so great and we are so small, we are in His image and clearly valuable to Him.

    I agree with what you say. But wouldn't say God 'set anyone up'. I see it more as God used what was available. God was and is impartial on the angels just as He is on us humans. If the devil never fell from grace, God would still have made us in His image and we would still have fallen, as our free will can go either way. Using the devil helps to speed up our our decision to accept or reject God. Which makes sense if you think of how close God was to the devil before he fell. Surely He would not want to repeat that with us.
  3. We are not made in the image of angels. Why? If they were a great thing and pure of heart, then God would have just created us as what He had. He had to know something was up among them because otherwise He wouldn't have worded things as He did. Some of them couldn't have been in His image although there is no other image by which to be created. Some would have already have had to have impure hearts/thoughts.

    Yeshua Bless You
  4. The bible says God is impartial. If God is impartial with one of His creations that is able to reject Him, surely He will be impartial with all of His creations that are able to reject Him?

    When you say 'He wouldn't have worded things as He did', would you mind giving an example please.
  5. I'll try not to tread on your toes here KJ because we both know what I'm about to bring up here but I believe Shelia may not have reached this understanding yet.

    Before going off on the journey your making here, it is important to examine what God said... exactly! Yes, we, man (generic for mankind) are created in the image of the Triune God and that, all by itself opens volumes of territory for close examination. First, and easily seen, God is a Triune God... three distinct, though not separate, beings. That is quite an image there... so is that the image we are made in or after?

    And another image we must examine of God is the truth that God, like the Angels He also created before man, is a Spirit being but Jesus, the Son of God, formerly just spirit is now a 33 year old Jewish man when we can see Him. He's not a man, at the present, as we understand it. Jesus has had His blood poured out at the foot of the cross, along with the water in the sac that protected His human heart from damage and when the disciples looked the nail holes from those, quarter inch or so thick square nails were there in His hands and His feet and He puled His Toga up for Thomas to place his hand inside the Spear Wound... those wounds are still there, is that the image we are made in?

    God has the ultimate in free will, He chose to create all of this and I submit to you the idea that somewhere in these and the hundreds of other reflective facets of God and their character lies the answer and some 23+ years after my conversion I still am not able to definitively, conclusively, give the answer. I am certain at this point that God does not look like Bill Taylor so it is safe to say that the image God used is not the outer appearance of a man or a woman.
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  6. I believe Adam had power over the animals given to him by God part of being made in God's image. Adam could tell an animal to do something and it would have. After the fall this was lostand knowledge of good and evil gained. The image of God also may be us having a freewill
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  7. I agree Jack.

    We were created in God's image moraly not physically. When Adam sinned he lost that moral likeness which was his sinlessness. But IMO man still retains the natural likeness of intellect, emotions and will.

    The moral likeness is presently being formed in every believer who is allowing the Holy Spirit conform him to the image of the Son.
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  8. What many fail to do is ask questions like, 'would any good person serve a God that was partial? Scripture is absolute truth and if it says God is good, how does a sane person judge Him as good if He is partial?'

    There is not a single black person that would serve our God if they even suspected He was partial :). The klu klux klan, Germans, apartheid and slavery has kind of showed us that partiality = evil and impartial = good. The bible says God is good, it does not say He is bad.
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  9. King J...Germans are wonderful people...Nazism was a problem, not Germans.
    The KKK and slavery were American problems....but you left that out.
    Apartheid was South African (gone now) and is now Israeli...

    I think it's time to stop throwing all Germans into a witches cauldron (not saying you are) and name the sickness, not just the nationality, especially if the sickness has passed.

    Not trying to drill ya; just I know the German people have carried that cross long enough.

    (sorry for the detour on the OP...but stereotyping nations is a real sore spot for me)
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  10. :) No worries. I drill those who nail the Germans. There were many Germans who never supported the nazis and likewise in SA many whites hated what apartheid stood for. It was not my intention to blanket a nation.
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  11. I was very sure you didn't; it's just a minor thing that irritates modern Germans, and justifiably so. I know: I was trained in Germany and have spent many years in discussions with Germans and Austrians.
  12. I can imagine. It is very naive though to pass a blanket accusation. Like accusing all Jews for Jesus. When so many were martyrs for Him.
  13. Yep...Blaming the sins of the father upon the children is not God's way, IMO.
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  14. KJ, you have a remarkable spirit because as I read you post that Rusty sees fit to pick at, being German, Irish and Apache, I knew you meant the Nazis. Having, also trained in Germany and shoveled the Honey Wagon to help one of my friends prepare his fields I can attest to the truth about the Nazis and te truth is that just like the US, Germany is still full of them.

    Rusty, a chip on the shoulder is not Christian. My Pastor fried, Gotfried Hetzer, would never have dropped that on KJ and he puts up with the Nazis, Communists and all the other worldly Socialists, daily, much like real American Christians do.
  15. I'm not really following this well, Shelia: are you saying He created some angels flawed? Or are you talking of already fallen angels?

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