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  2. Wow, thanks Rusty,

    I've already posted in the other thread about the first photo, if anybody is interested the second photo is on the sister island of Tahiti called Moorea, the mountain peak on the left is called Mt Rotui, between it and the coconut tree in the middle of the pic is Cook's Bay where Captain James Cook of the Bounty fame first anchored when he came to Tahiti, behind the hedge on the right is a boutique (gift shop) that we built the first year I arrived here.

    The 3rd photo is at the dolphin park at the Beachcomber Intercontinental Hotel on Moorea, again more of our handiwork, on nine over water bungalows we replaced the old wall coverings inside and out with sheets of braided bamboo.

    I'm embarrassed to talk about me, but to God be the glory, one of the conditions He gave me before I left was to not accept any support money because He would supply all of my needs, this is a perfect example for those of you who are just starting to walk with the Lord of the just living by faith, I hit the shores without a penny in my pocket, I brought my hand tools with me and here are some of the "works" of my faith that James talks about, I stepped out in faith and Father provided the work for me. PTL

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  3. Well...I'm glad to "toot your horn" for ya....Just wanted to show folks where ya live.

    I have had the same Providences form the Lord, just different circumstances.

    I can trust Him, as He has never failed me. Literally.
  4. Dramatic topography! Looks as if it might be volcanic in origin over there...

  5. It is!
  6. Looks like it, anyway... :)
  7. I wasn't going to say this because it's grim, but there is another lesson to be learned here at the bungalows.

    The man who hired me agreed to a 50-50 split of the money made because we were using my tools and this wasn't any different than cutting T-111 siding that I had already hung hundreds of sheets in California, he had calculated one bungalow per week, we were finishing one bungalow every two days, when he saw how much money was being made when it came time to pay me he changed my pay to $50 a day and he kept $450 per bungalow. That night the Lord led me to his promise to Abraham, "I'll bless those that bless you and I'll curse those those that curse you," ...within two short years he died of cancer, now, I'm not boasting of the "revenge" Father had for me, but this, when I was told he had died the verse that says to pray for those that persecute you and spitefully mistreat you passed through my mind and I'm ashamed to say I hadn't intervened on his behalf, ...messin' with God's kids is serious business, so please learn from my mistake and pray for those that persecute you.


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  8. I read a lot of Pacific naval history, and even visited Capt. Bligh's house in London. I also have enjoyed studying the history of the Bounty's crew on Pitcairn island...pretty amazing stuff.

    I met a mission family at a church years ago that was attempting to get support for their work in Kiribati....they did not succeed in getting the church support, sadly. We were moved to help them, but it took much more....Missionary support is spotty at best.

    But total reliance on the Lord works every time for us, though how and whom He does it through would not have been our choices.
  9. I think Kiribati is the former Gilbert Islands. (Plus a few far flung islands added...)
  10. Yes...the term Kiribati (pronounced "Kee-ra-bis") is the native way of trying to say "Gilberts".
  11. So, a question for Banarenth to ponder........Does posting a url constitute "express written permission" from any copyright owner? The notice posted at the following url is very specific and easily understood:
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    Does or any of their members have "express written permission" to post copyright material?
    A second question would be...Why were the images on another thread "redacted" to oblivion instead of just having the url info 'redacted' into the relevant posts?
    Seems to me that the best way is to just post url info and leave copyright material where it belongs. With most browsers having multi tab capabilities this is not a difficult thing to do.

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  12. Notice the black beaches, farouk? A positive indication of volcanic origins.
  13. Gene: being a French island, is the populous mostly Roman Catholic?
  14. Another good point. :)

    (Though some marshland has dark earth and it's more indicative of having been reclaimed from the sea.)
  15. Welll....ain't no marshlands in the middle of the Pacific, that I've heard of.:)

    Where I live has both mangrove swamps and oil infused shale marshlands....which is black, and peaty, but not very sandy and not on the beaches.
  16. Considering the fact that the main Tahitian islands are so old, there are white sand beaches as well....It's not a volcanic hot spot now.
  17. Rusty:

    Kind of diverse, I understand, anyway in the Pacific. From the flat, almost underwater Tuvalu islands to volcanic mountains on Tahiti and Hawaii....

  18. Yup....It's very much a mixed bag.
  19. Just convenient enough for the French to let off an occasional atom bomb, I guess, around Muroroa...

  20. Kind of like, Define the universe and give three examples...
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