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  1. Replacing generator on wind turbine uploadfromtaptalk1402432223242.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1402432223242.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1402432223242.jpg

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  2. Wow that is neat. How tall is that? I remember seeing the wind turbine episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe that was pretty neat. I remember they said one guy got bit by a rattlesnake up inside on of those, they figured the snake must have been in there when it was erected.
  3. Yep.
  4. Around 230 ft
  5. Looks like great work Lance, I work as a Heating Designer 8-5pm weekdays so out on building sites quite a bit but that is impressive!!!
  6. Takes us about 2 hours once the crane team has crane set to remove lid, remove generator, set new gen and put lid back on. We prepped turbine yesterday and tomorrow will hook everything back up.
  7. Love all that stuff, stuck in an office most of the time although, we live in the Scotland so nicy and warm in the winter. We have many turbines going up all over our countryside at the moment and some are protesting saying they take way from the Scottish landscape but most think they are great and make the countryside look even greener, I'd have to go with the latter. Do you guys get a bit of protesting?
  8. We have people who don't like them. Our site was built in 2003 so they tend to leave us alone. We do get students from a university come down to do studies on birds hitting the turbines
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  9. So what happens to the generators? Do they need to come out from time to time for preventative maintenance or rebuilds? Or do they just sometimes go 'kaput' or the repair can't be done with it in place?
  10. They just get bad sometimes. We can do some repairs in the tower but this one just had enough. They get rebuilt
  11. Looks cool, I did work on some wind generator sites in Palm springs many years ago. Never worked of the the actual wind turbines, I worked on the substation that converted the power to high voltage and then send it out to the commercial companies.
    I also did work on a couple solar sites in Barstow Calif. Pretty fun stuff.
  12. Yeah they can be interesting. I have to mess around in the substation at times as well.

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