Generational Curses

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  2. Hello Dan,
    That is not quite true for the generational curse is real and still applies to this day HOWEVER we have the authority to stop it. This is really not a curse but if you will families passing down from generation to generation family demons. Now wait let me finsih. lol

    Example ...a boy even is he is born again goes around repeating what all his family members have been saying year after year that all the men in this family die young with heart problems is giving this family demon if you will right to come in and inflict him and if he does not take a hold of the written word of God and speak over this and stand on it more then likely he will die young with heart problems.

    This is only but one example and is what people consider generational curse.
    God Bless
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  3. There is further proof of this, from medical science believe it or not.
    Severe experiences actually changes your DNA - yup, they confirmed, that DNA changes itself in such circumstance and effectively remember what happened - like bad trauma, possession, etc.
    So, you know what happens with your DNA when you have a child - he/she gets that imprint and so, that bad experience ends up with your child and it can continue through for a number of generations.
    I'm now trying to remember where I read/saw/heard this, but for the life of me cannot remember.
    Interesting though.
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  4. Yep! That's true, just as the word of God says. (y)
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  5. People say and invisible force has no power or can kill you. They use this against words having power but then again fear will turn your hair grey or make your heart beat faster and fear causes stress and heart failure and so forth. Words are life and death.

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  6. Is it not amazing how this very intelligent race called the humans are now discovering these things.
    Except God told about it thousands of years ago - but they are too intelligent to listen to it.
    I mean look at creation.
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  7. Speak God's promises and believe every [original] letter in the word of God. After all, it IS the word of GOD :D
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  8. I'm torn I don't know if I quite agree with generational curses today or not, this is something I have to further study... Id think it'd be done away with because of Jesus.
  9. It's not a curse, just the way of life. There is no such thing as a generational "curse" but the information is transferred from parent to child to child...
  10. Unfortunately we can be told manipulated information which is far from accurate.
    We must digest what we read in the Bible as this is the truth; there are of course Bibles which have been manipulated.
    I don't think 'curse' is the right word, however 'misrepresentation' may be.
  11. Exactly. Here's what the word of God says:

    Jeremiah 31:29 (KJV)
    In those days they shall say no more, The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge.​

    No generational curse - except Adam's sin - as what the fathers do will not cause the kids to suffer. Just like a coin, there's this verse:

    Numbers 14:18 (KJV)
    The LORD [is] longsuffering, and of great mercy, forgiving iniquity and transgression, and by no means clearing [the guilty], visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation].​

    What this verse means is that the child will have a tendency for whatever the fathers have. If your dad liked burnt toast, then so might your kids. My grandmother was allergic to pain meds... my father wasn't, but I am! My kids are not, but my grandkids might. That's the nature of genetics. I love the accuracy of the written word of God. Listen to the Holy Spirit, He'll help you out. If you have an undealt with sin in your life, it's desires will be passed on to your kids. Repent, deal with it now. Overcome it, then when you have kids, they won't be sensitive to that sin. (Don't look more into this than what the word of God says.) :D
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  12. It's interesting you should mention those verses, Abdicate! Those came up during a family reading with my parents and my sister and brother-in-law recently. My sister and bro-in-law were working their way through Jeremiah for their morning scripture readings at the time. I hadn't really understood Jeremiah 31:29 and the proceeding verses before, but my Dad told me what they meant.

    I think there's a definite place in scripture for the household - I believe it's important in the thoughts of God. A man is linked in responsibility to his household. I think if we bring something into our houses that's unsuitable to God, there will be consequences for the whole of the household, the children being included in that. It should make me think about my actions, and how they might affect others. I think the right course of action for the heads of households is really set out in Ephesians 6:4. That would safeguard our children.
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  15. It seems that there are many conflicting theories going around regarding generational curses.
    Having witnessed the affects of them in my life, and for many decades dealt with them in the lives of other believers, I know they are real. If you don't like the name, then pick a better one, but they still do the same thing that "generational curses" describe.

    Here in the UK, over forty years ago when I was quite green about such things, a friend and myself, both nobodies, were asked to pray for a lady visiting the church. She was really struggling in her walk and wanted help to resolve why.

    As we prayed with her and waited on the Lord, I heard the whisper of the Holy Spirit saying, "Spirit of Mormonism".
    I held on to it for a while because it seemed so off the wall. Eventually I gave her the word, and not surprisingly she was offended. She had never even been involved with the Mormons. We passed on and prayed for several other things when sometime later she suddenly shrieked out loud.

    "I remember my mother telling me when I was a child, that her great great grandfather had gone out to Salt Lake City with Brigham Young."

    There is no way that learned behaviour was responsible for her low spiritual state prior to us praying with her that day. As the Holy Spirit witnessed, it was a demonic power that had gone from father to son/daughter and continued down the family line till that day.
    We obviously commended it to leave in Jesus name.
    The spirit itself is not the generational curse, but its continued presence in her family caused an undermining of her walk with the Lord.
    Cursing of any sort has the opposite effect of blessing, to claim it doesn't exist is unrealistic to any simple observation of life.
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  16. Again another real time example of generational curses (or any other nice name you prefer) at work.

    About 25 years ago a friend and I were praying for another troubled Christian friend,

    Now this friend was a monster of a guy, weighing about 400 pounds. Yes, he was certainly overweight but also frighteningly strong. I remember vividly when he and his wife moved house. It took five of us struggling hard to get an iron framed piano up a long flight of stairs to where he lived.
    My monster friend couldn't help us because he was way too big to get beside the piano on the narrow stairs.

    After a marathon struggle, we finally placed this beast of a piano against the wall of the room when his wife suddenly asked if we could shift it to the opposite wall.
    Before we could get up off the floor where we were still panting, my big friend walked up to the piano, stretched his arms over the keyboard and lifted it onto his chest, he then easily walked across the room and placed it in the desired position for his wife.
    Everyone burst out laughing at the absurd contrast between the five of us and him alone.

    Now imagine this mountain of a man as we prayed for him, sitting cross legged on the sofa like a buddha but with raging purple anger written all over his face, and threatening all sorts of violence against us.
    As we had prayed for him, my friend had suddenly got extremely agitated and speaking in a completely different and evil voice.

    We were not too worried as we knew the power of the shed blood of Jesus over the demons in him, and had already discerned spirits of violence and murder.
    Then suddenly the voice started boasting loudly against us. "I have only ever been made homeless twice before and you are not going to throw me out of here today!"
    The demon inhabiting my christian friend was clearly stating that in the 6000 odd years since creation, it had only ever been cast out of someone on two previous occasions.
    That same day we made it three times, along with an assortment of other demonic powers.

    However, for those who reject the demonisation of christians, or those who say that demons cannot travel down family lines, you are just plain wrong.
    That christians continue rejecting, what is clearly witnessed in scripture many times over, means that the body of christ continues to be held in bondage by such demons.
    Casting demons out was part of the gospel commission that Jesus commanded for the saints, so why do we still argue over what Jesus taught.
    Because of demonisation, my friend's family line had for past centuries struggled in all sorts of ways and had never succeeded in their potential.
    That is a description of a "generational curse." It is caused be demons.

    To claim that such things can't happen because of the cross is contradicted by the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

    Acts5v1Now a man named Ananias, together with his wife Sapphira, also sold a piece of property. 2With his wife’s full knowledge he kept back part of the money for himself, but brought the rest and put it at the apostles’ feet.
    3Then Peter said, “Ananias, how is it that Satan has so filled your heart that you have lied to the Holy Spirit and have kept for yourself some of the money you received for the land?
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