Generational Curses

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  1. What is it with family/parents etc. ? Are they so old in the tooth , that maybe they are good people but one of their offspring has come to know the Lord and for some reason they don't like it. And even try to stupidly turn one against the Lord!?!? How crazy is that? It can be quite annoying when they criticize how much you go to church etc etc. But my life followed their life to the same extent i suffered what they suffered but Finally i break that curse in Jesus name and am determined to live differently. What is wrong with that ? Why don't/want they understand?
  2. Awesome. Way to take a stand and use your Grace to break any/all generational curses! Also, "are they so old in the tooth" is a hilarious expression, I've never heard it before, what does it mean?

    Anywhoo, your family does not have the Holy Spirit within them and they don't know God so why would you think they would understand? People who do not know God and are not born again do some weird things. I don't know if you saw that article that was posted about the black mass reenactment at Harvard University; yeah, the unsaved do some weird stuff. Do not hold it against them though and don't let them harden your heart. Continue to love them no matter what they do, no matter what they say. In doing so, the HS working through you could help eventually soften their hearts and bring them to Christ. I know it may seem like a long shot, but God can truly work wonders! Stay blessed sister!
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  3. Ouch, I am a parent.............

    No such thing as generational curses though.

    it's hard on kids to serve the Lord when Mom and Dad are dumb as rocks. However, they are in more danger than you, best to obey them, smile when they say hurtful things and honor them. In that you gain great favor, and protection for them. It takes only one in the house to serve God and keep the enemy at bay.

    What Brian said....... God can work wonders, even save your whole house such as in acts.
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  4. Walk it out Sal and the glory of the Lord will be upon you, and will be a witness to the truth you are walking in. They will eventually see the power of the truth working in you, you may have to separate from them for a season?..And of course there are generational issues at work against you...not sure about using that term, because a lot of crazy stuff has been taught in that regard. But anywhere that satan has been given power, he will attempt to defend that which he considers his.
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  5. Thank you guys. I felt a bit bad actually for voicing my annoyance against them. But feel a resurgance of strength and love for my family .
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  6. Let me think about some verses, and get back to you. About to start driving.
  7. Exodus 20:5 (KJV)
    Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God [am] a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth [generation] of them that hate me;

    Exodus 34:7 (KJV)
    Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear [the guilty]; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth [generation].

    These are not curses but facts that if the sins of the father are not dealt with, their children will have to deal with them... alcoholism is the biggest known one... but they're all passed down... but God wants you to deal with the flesh through the Spirit and break the cycle. Science backs up the scriptures... it only took them 4000 years...

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  8. yes, Alcoholism is learned response from the parents...... Not a curse, but learned.

    The doctrine also believes in Cursed objects, Ministry's that believe this are called deliverance ministries. It's pretty prevalent.

    The thought is that you can break some generational curse to cure a sin or cure a bad string of events. Often people are told it's not because they don't obey God, no, it must be some cursed object in the house. Owl and Frog statues............Music, and anything else they believe is evil. Get rid of that, and BAM, the person is cured without having to be transformed by the Renewing of their own mind.

    They often use that scripture in Joshua where God said you will be cursed if you take the Gold. They believe they got slammed from the curse that was oozing out of that Gold they took and not the fact they disobeyed God.
  9. You and you alone are talking about curses. DNA is information and the problems of the father are passed down to the children if they're not dealt with. It's that simple. Sin must be dealt with. Since we are no longer guilty and we are not long bound by the law, then there's only one thing left to deal with, the sins of the flesh, in the hear and now. It's a proven fact so that even organ recipients can change. It's called cellular memory, just as God said in the verses I posted.

    I don't post these articles to prove the word of God but to prove my line of thinking is in line with reality. We even say the "heart of the matter" and the scriptures throughout say if we "believe in our heart"... until now everyone just took that as a metaphor. Examine how it is one accepts something: we analyze it in our heads and when we've completely accepted it, it become a belief of the heart.

    "Recent research has shown that communication between the heart and brain is a 'dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influencing the other’s function' (HeartMath Institute). "
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  10. Can't a learned response be a curse?
  11. ya, I get that question......... if my dad has it, and grandma..... whatever then what are my chances of getting that?

    We got choices, to believe the DNA evidence, or believe we are a new Creature in Christ Jesus. Our Bio father is no longer our Real father but we have a new family and God is now our Father.

    Our body is not our own anymore, it becomes God and in the new family we are not subject to the old anymore or their disease.

    arar (Hebrew) Really means to speak bad about. When God said he would curse, He was saying to not bless with words of blessings.

    There is nothing in Scripture denoting some lingering thing that has power to hurt people as we think of curses in the movies or Hexes.

    Means to detest something.

    The LORD shall send upon thee cursing (meh-ay-raw), vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou settest thine hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly; because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me.
    (Deu 28:20)

    So, can't taking drugs be a curse and not a learned response? If you take the Movie idea of curse then some type of power to take drugs would have to be over that person. Devils do enforce bad things, but I would not call that a movie curse, but a person that needs to learn not to give place to devils.

    Now if you believe you can get a movie curse, and put faith into that. The devil is more than able to make it seem so.
  12. Anyone who has had these demons and been delivered from them by Gods power, can tell you the nature of these things are a spiritual curse!
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  13. I'm not sure how I'd get to there from my parents. My mother has been almost (I've known her take a small drop of wine a couple of times and get tipsy on an egg cup full) completely teetotal all her life. My father used to have a drink but has never even come close to a stage where one might consider him as being in danger of being a problem drinker yet 3 out of 4 of their children are quite prone to drinking excessively.

    A generational curse idea on the other hand could take me elsewhere. We know my mother's mother had a hatred of alcohol. We know she went away to other family to have here (illegitimate) daughter. It's quite easy to make a couple of speculations from there that may or may not be correct. Nobody knows.

    I'm afraid that's the sort of point I've always found trying to look down generational routes go. You can come up with (and have suggested to you by "experts" in the field) a number of ideas that seem plausible but the only outcome I've seen has been (and I'm responsible for this side - I stupidly got quite worked up over the idea someone elses sin(s) could be causing me problems and that I wasn't getting honesty...) nasty rows and accusations to the point I'd be scared stiff of trying again.

    The only thing I feel sure of is that there was a change in the whole family around the time of this grandmother's death but I'm not sure everything was "just right" before or whether her death is of any significance whatsoever.

    Just to give a bit more history on this. Things got very bad with me making the accusations. My father wound up having a stroke (actually he had a Mennier's attack brought on by the stress of all this but the hospital in error diagnosed a heart attack and gave him streptokinase but that's another story). My mother moved to my fathers home area on the opposite side of the UK as she thought that would be the best place for him (especially considering at the time they didn't think he was going to be capable of anything) and I stayed in the area we had been living in, moving into a rented flat in town.

    I'd always had a tendency to drink too much (on certain occasions, not daily) but I really ran away with it and after maybe three years almost on bended kness (as our relationships had got so bad) asked if I could move in with them short term. The aims being to sort out the family problems (in terms of day to day living, pretty much resolved) and the drink. That was over 10 years ago...
  14. Your mind works only when you are driving huh? :)

  15. At a glance it looked like you wanted to drink and drive............. Is thinking a driving safe though?
  16. I think he believes that..:cautious:
  17. Beats texting and driving.
  18. sure he does both and to top it off he only sleeps about two hours a day...:eek:
  19. Glad we don't live in California. He does work hard and likes to talk about God. At least that is a good combination.
  20. Yes. The Generational Curse Doctrine/teaching whatever is still making its way around the Church. It existed in the old testament and thats why old testament verses are used to justify its teaching today. Christ did away with generational curses and said everyone will be accountable for their own sin. Those who perpetuate the generational curses thing are trying to nullify what Christ said and did. If Christ said it no longer applies then it NO LONGER APPLIES.
    When one tells another they'e under a generational curse, it can psychologically trap someone into believing they are oppressed with something without hope. They can feel they need some incantation/exorcism or magic potion and feel helpless. All that is needed is Christ. A law nullified by Christ can quickly turn into superstition.

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