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  1. It was an awesome game. I played it on xbox when it first came out and I still remember it clearly. It's actually one of the only games, other than The Sims, that my sister loves. For 99 cents you really can't beat it.
  2. I'm more into Mario games or Sonic games..

    I waste so much time watching play through a of Luigi's mansion or Diddy Kong racing.

    Nintendo was my childhood lol.
  3. Have you tried Super Meat Boy or other current platformers? My wife loves Mario as well and she has been loving Guacamelee as well as Super Meat Boy. I'm sure she'd like some of the other platformers too, if I could just get her to play it.
  4. Receiver is free on Humble Bundle today only.

  5. I just beat Guacamelee, and I'd like to say that it's been one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a long time. I loved the artwork, fighting, humor, and even the puzzles ( I suck at puzzles). If you like platformers, you must buy this game.

    Oh, and I'm going to try to continue listing free games or huge discounts as I find them. If you would like to get notifications just let me know and I'll tag you in the posts.
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  6. I've given up gaming all together. It used to be a bad addiction for me and God freed me from it. Not saying everyone should give it up, but for me I have spent a lot more time in the Word now that I don't play :)
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  7. It's a shame you had to give up games, but you did the right thing. I gave them up for a long time until I could prioritize my time better.
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  8. Why shame? I came to the same conclusion as LanceA because I realized that it was such a waste of time (I used to play WoW). My favorite game in these days is SpiderSolitaire :D
  9. Because video games are a unique experience that nothing is similar to.

    WOW is a waste of time. I agree with that. All WOW is about is grinding, which there is nothing magical at all. Most MMORPGs are just a waste of time. They are also a waste of money. I wouldn't say that the time my wife and I spent on Guacamelee was a waste of time. It was an enjoyable nine hours full of laughing and frustration (the good, puzzle solving kind).

    Welcome to the forum, by the way.
  10. haha I think I remember this game. Was this the one you could keep playing over again until you won?

    My new favorite game is called anki. It's an iPhone app I'm using to study new words from different languages. I've recently been learning about polyglots, and now I'm all eagered to learn.
  11. Yes, that´s it. But I never play the same game again, I rather start a new one.
    Anki sounds great for learning.
  12. Yeah it's not bad. Spaced repetition seems to be working best for me.
  13. I play WoW some not often, Diablo III rarely, GW2 when I can, Smite, Dota2, and LoL.

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