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Discussion in 'Sports, Games and Health' started by Apologia, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. !!! are they going to bring the sequel to android as well? I may have to spring for this. I miss Minsc and Boo
  2. I'm not sure yet. They had some legal issues releasing this the original. I really hope so though. I hope they bring Planescape to Android too. I still haven't beaten that game :(
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  3. im going to start playing team fortress 2 again :cool:
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  4. TF2 is a good game. I bought it back when it wasn't free. :(
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  5. I have to redownload it again for some reason...
  6. I actually uninstalled it a long time ago. I played it for 195 hours and then decided I had spent enough time on it. My backlog of games just kept growing and I knew I wouldn't beat any of them if TF2 was still on my computer.
  7. TF2 is awesome! I play it all the time. Sorry if I just barged into this thread, but I really enjoy gaming and thought I would post! :)
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  8. Im
    nothing wrong with commenting on here! Im about to play it in a few haha finally..
  9. Have fun then! :) I think it's a really good game. I have lots of fun on there. My favourite thing to play is usually Capture the Flag. :)
  10. Whos your main person you play with?
  11. I don't really play with anyone. I usually play alone, haha.
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  12. ive actually done better than what i thought i was going to do today haha i play soldier mainly and sniper
  13. I played a lot today...Mann vs Machine, CTF, etc :) Ended up playing with one of my friends too
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  14. I like the Spy but I suck with him so I play Engineer.
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  15. I usually bounce around from class to class. Some games I prefer one class over the other, like for CTF I prefer Scout because he runs really fast and I can jump around to easily get to the intelligence haha
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  16. yea depending on the situation of the game i go where my teams needs it even if its medic. I dont know how to use spy effectly. idk the proper keys to switch over to things fast.... if i did id be pretty good at it i think :p
  17. I'm terrible with the Scout. I like his scatter gun, or whatever it's called, but I'm terrible with the character.
    I rarely play as a Medic unless the team needs one. It's just boring to me.

    Kotaku just posted an article about TF2.
  18. Well, I guess I should give an update on how I'm feeling about The Binding of Isaac since I've played it for two or three hours.

    It's actually not as bad as I thought it was going to be. The only questionable power up I've gotten was a pentagram, which honestly didn't bother me at all. The cut scenes have nothing to do with religion, it doesn't seem. Besides the opening video I don't really see where the anti Christian thing is coming from. If anything the game just seems morally ambiguous with a dark tone, like all of Edmund Mcmillen's games. I also listened to a few interviews with him and he doesn't seem to be against religion, even though I don't think he's religious. In one interview he was talking about how his grandmother (I think) would pray before driving long distances to keep them safe and that was comforting to him, which was nice and shows his feelings towards Christianity isn't all negative.

    Anyway, I'm enjoying it quite a bit. I'm actually going to buy the remake, Rebirth, when it comes out.
  19. Psychonauts is on sale for .99 on Humble Bundle.
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  20. That is one of a very few games that actually managed to make me laugh out loud.

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