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  1. I'm not sure about the grind. I haven't played for very long. Currently waiting for closed beta 3 to start on Thursday.

    It is entirely possible to buy a subscription with in-game gold. So your not putting out real money.
  2. I may check it out if it's not all grinding. I like grinding, but there has to be a bit of variation for me. I tried WOW for a month or two and it was just ALL grinding. I felt like the whole point was just to level up, which is boring to me.
  3. I just beat Khidr after trying for about 40 minutes straight. Have you gotten any further?
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  4. I dropped the giant eyeball once and the giant knight with a spear. Both times I got creamed directly afterwards :)
    I haven't played in a few months, but we just now got back home to the states so I may have time to pick it up again :)
  5. If this was a video game we'd know something was behind this:
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  6. It's taken me an embarrassingly long time just to kill the eyeball. I really suck at platformers but I'm trying to get better. I almost rage quit while trying to kill the eyeball. Since I locked down the castle I only got 60% of the gold too. I'm trying to get all the Blood armor. Maybe the vampirism will help.
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  7. I'd set a bomb right in front of it :)
  8. Or you could pull or push on a rock to see if it shifts or springs open.

    Must we always use force?
  9. I suppose it could be a Legend of Grimrock thing and there could be a loose piece of stone we could push to open a secret passageway. The main reason I said bomb is because I've been playing The Binding of Isaac, which is more like Zelda than I ever would have guessed, and I've also been playing The Legend of Zelda on my Wii. In those games you use bombs to uncover secrets.
  10. Ah the first one is like Ultima style crawlers, so I can see the use of bombs. The old d6 open doors principle doesn't apply.

    And as for Zelda, bombs just are easy to animate in low bit ranges.
  11. I like Ultima. I haven't gotten very far in any of them though.

    That's probably true. Still, sometimes you need some force to get through something.
  12. I miss just rolling a 1d6 to open doors or 2d20 to bend a bar or left a gate.

    The good old days.
  13. Rpgs nowadays don't have many options. I've been playing Nethack and it's amazing how many options you have in comparison to RPGs released today. Why can't I kick open locked doors now? Why do I have to pick the lock? Most freedom in games now is really just false freedom.
  14. I agree.

    But then the heady days of tabletop RPG with a group of five or more into the wee morning hours is pretty much history. It is all button mashing and minor modifications that really do not change the game dynamics.

    I mean why play an elf, when it operates the same as a human or an orc in game play.

    And classes usually mean squat.

    It is sad that they sacrifice richness of play for mechanics. Though the cut scenes are good.
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  15. That's the major issue. The dumbing down of RPGs is saddening.

    Has anyone played any Spiderweb Software games? Thos RPGs are pretty good.

    I've also been playing the Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate on my phone. It is awesome.
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  16. On your phone? They're emulating the infinity engine on android?!
  17. Not even emulating. Beamdog ported it to Android and iOS. It runs great. It's so addicting.

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