General discussion?

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Countryside, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. I've looked in this area many'a times......and I ain't seen one General discussed.

    It's false advertizin' I'm tellin' ya! :D
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  2. Well ya know what they say...when you don't find it, maybe it's because you were the one supposed to bring it :)
  3. Well, the only General I know is Motors.
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  4. Oh now come on, bet you have known a few more if you dig in. I mean General Motors was like a 6 star General with Generals under him. I have known these others as well.
    1 General Chevy
    2 General Pontiac
    3 General Oldsmobile
    4 General Buick
    5 General GMC
    6 General Cadillac

    So you see sir, I would bet you have generally known a few of these Generals as well.
    Blessings Sir Blessings
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  5. Well, if your gonna speak in "general" terms. :cautious:
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  6. Generally it's a Generalized General way to speak.
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  7. Don't forget General Mills ( and all his little "kernels" )... ;)
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  8. Yes sir that one hurt !
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  9. This is getting bad. What have I done??? :confused::eek:
  10. Created some good clean fun :)
    Thank you!
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  11. Countryside
    We have forgotten one of thee most moving generals of all times.

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  12. Don't forget General Relativity! :D

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  13. Or This General.......he could get you going again.......

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  14. When you run out of can move on to Majors!
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  15. This General will help you get going and stopping as well.

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  16. And then there is " General Nuisance "

    Oh, wait a moment - he was banned last week for many Rules violations... :LOL:
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  17. Hey!!! Don't forget General Foods

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  18. (y)..........:)
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  19. Lol now that's one I forgot about.
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  20. I have heard of this place but I am not familiar with it.


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