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  1. G'day. I'm new here & as you can tell from the accent...I'm an Aussie.
    I am also a long time Christian & look forward to joining, participating & sharing what the Lord has done for me in the hope I may encourage & help others.
    God bless & I hope to get to know you all in good time...Hoo roo!
  2. Welcome!
  3. G'day Robine. Thx for the trophy point...although I haven't the faintest idea what it is, what it is for or why I got it!!! LOL. Still...if it's a trophy it must be a good thing eh? God bless.
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  4. A warm welcome to you my friend. I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here. :)
  5. @Abdicate beat me to the punch with the links! :p Welcome to the forums, friend! Or...should I say....mate??
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  6. Welcome John! We are a bunch of great people here.. I am sure you will have a wonderful time of fellowship at CFS :D

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