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  1. G'day to all my Christians friends that I have yet to meet. Greetings from Brisbane Australia. This is my first post so it will be brief. I've been a Christian for many years and am just now realising how ignorant I am about the variety of different beliefs within Christianity. I'm looking forward to finding out how some of you interpret some of the scriptures that bother me.

    Is anyone listening at present? (I am probably on a diffenent time zone than most). Look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards
  2. Good evening, dear kenirvine,

    I am listening at present am happy to welcome you here.
    You are the first person I have the privilege to first welcome. :)

    I hope that you will like it here as much as we all do.
    There are so many interesting themes to find on this forum, and you'll soon feel like being in a family.

    May God bless and guide you.
    Love, little flower
  3. Hi Ken! I'm even newer than you as this is my first post and you've already been around for 38 minutes or so.
    I'm here for almost the same reason you are, learning more about scripture.
  4. Thank you for your welcome Little Flower. It's always always feels good to be first at something eh?
    Regards Ken
  5. G'day mate-nah there are Aussies and Kiwis here. Rusty and Calvin will keep you on your toes....

    Hello and welcome from East Coast USA.
  6. Greeting Ken. Glad ya joined up....!
  7. Dear Laurel,

    I just recognized that you are here for the first time.
    How nice that you join us for learning more about God's Word!
    Welcome, and I am looking forward to your posts.
    May God bless you. Love, little flower
  8. For a sec I thought this was Calv...:sneaky:

    Nice to meet ya!
  9. G'day Ken how's things up there in the Banana republic. Unfortunately due to spam from mischief makers the chat room here was closed down. I think the Kiwi referred to a few posts ago is 'I_Survived_ The _Eighties'.
  10. Hi,
    Nice to see there's someone else on my time zone. Most people are asleep when I check in.
  11. Gives ya more time to think, eh?
  12. Hey Ken,

    Greetings from Melbourne :) Hope your doing well! Good to have one more Aussie on board. Welcome! Welcome!

    God Bless

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