'Gay' rights group to Supreme Court: Don't let people vote

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  1. I just see every incident like this as a "sign of the times". I wrote a song which I titled "How Much Longer." I was lying in bed and thinking about all the evil in the world and said to God, "Lord, how much longer must we put up with this wickedness?" Then I thought, that sounds like a good title for a song. I got up and in about 15-20 minutes I had the words and music to a song. I will be working it up for a special at my church with a musician we have there. Here are the words.

    How Much Longer?

    As I look to the skies how I wonder,
    How much longer till Jesus comes?
    As I toil and I labor and serve my dear Lord,
    I can't help but long to see God's Son.

    Oh I've tried and I've tried to live holy,
    As You said in Your word we must be,
    But I've failed You so much, and I'm sorry, dear Lord.
    Oh please come and take us home with Thee.

    Give me grace that I need to go on, Lord,
    Though the wicked are all around me.
    Help me keep my eyes on You as I go through this world,
    Till that day when You call me home to Thee.

    As I run in this race, give me strength, Lord,
    So that others will see You in me.
    Help me show Your light, dear Lord, to a lost dying world.
    Help me love them as You have loved me.

    Soon my journey will be o'er, and I'll see You,
    And I'll fall at Your feet and sing praise!
    I will lift my voice in song, and I'll sing of Your love,
    As Your sweet name in melody I raise!

    How much longer, dear Lord, till You come to claim Your bride?
    How much longer till we see Your face?
    Till that day when we stand at that gate and step inside,
    How much longer till evil is erased?

    I can understand Christians who want to get their loved ones into God's fold before they leave here, but I can't understand any Christian preferring to be here in this wicked world. "Even so, come, Lord Jesus."
  2. While all are to be respected non should have special privileges.
    They hide behind a curtain of fear they created by calling all who oppose their views bigots. This is a tactic of a bully and a weak minded soul.
  3. I wholeheartedly agree.

    None should have special privileges.
  4. Excellent- then we agree - a small special interest group should not be able to strip the public's constitutionally guaranteed right to vote from them. Let the people speak.:)
  5. I agree with B. No one should have any special privileges to anything, and while I do not hate homosexuals (in the person sense, not the action sense: I do not approve of homosexual acts) at all their tactics have gone to far. I do not appreciate what they are doing, what they are saying, and what they want to be done and their constant pressuring for people to accept homosexuality.
  6. Jon - Marc.... You got talent man. I would love to hear how the song sounds. Very good indeed.:D:D
  7. It is rather nice, Dusty!:D

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