Gay Marriage

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  1. No one who harbours such sin in his/her life is going to become a member of a Bible-teaching Spirit-filled church. Just the attraction to people of the same gender is an aberration to begin with. When one receives Jesus Christ, one becomes spiritually regenerated and that penchant becomes all too clear to him, and he will seek out any and all who will help him overcome this kind of attraction if it doesn't die off immediately as Holy Spirit takes up residence within him.
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  2. We all have tendencies towards certain sinful behavior. Is a person who is attracted to the same sex worse than someone who beats their wife or is a liar? There are plenty of those people in churches today, but people who are attracted to the same sex aren't welcome? You may believe that same sex is terrible, but I don't see it as that. It's just another thing for our fleshy selves to fight against, just like any other sin.
  3. Is there a faction in our culture that has an agenda to foist upon society that beating one's spouse must be accepted by all as normal behaviour?

    All sinners are welcome in good churches, because it is there that they will hear the truth of the word of God, and where Holy Spirit is present, they will receive conviction about their state before holy God and will receive His grace gift of His righteousness through faith in Jesus Christ.

    Homosexual behaviour IS terrible! So is every other sin! It separates us from God. However, some sins, like homosexual behaviour are extremely pernicious and is some people, it has its origins in demonic interference.
  4. I meant same sex attraction. I don't believe anything can be done about that.
  5. If they acknowledge that it is a sin, that is different. I think most want to say it's NOT a sin.
  6. Same gender attraction is definitely an aberration of the mind that with Jesus Christ, one will have victory over. It's an easy matter for Him.
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  7. If you're talking about the act or lustful thoughts then I agree.
  8. Do you have a source on this? I suspected as much I am a vet of the first gulf war...
  9. Ill remember that ...and in sincerity I agree.(y)
  10. Its not a sin to be attracted to your WIFE! But to be attracted to what does not belong to you...are you saying you walk around with eyes full of adultery and cannot cease from sin? Because I assure you that is not the case for many of us!
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  11. Its is worse when you attempt to deny its a sin! and promote it as acceptable!
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  12. The Word of God says otherwise. For starters, read Ezekiel Ch 33. It would not be imposing our views, we are supposed to be the salt of the Earth,
  13. salt of the earth meant we are suppose to let Jesus shine through us, so people will want to know the God we are serving. not going around waving a big stick, beating people into submission.
  14. The only one with the stick, trying to force their opinion and sins on others is the pro-gay crowd. They have basically bullied the society and now they are trying to bully the Church of the Living God. Well it might work in the false church, but the real saints of God will never yield, not even at the point of death.
  15. are you always so militant about everything?

    the hate in you literally pour out of your every post, and I say this objectively.
  16. You have a wrong understanding of many things.
    Salt seasons and preserves. Jesus said of His disciples..."You are the salt of the Earth"
    Mat 5:13 "You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled under people's feet.
    We are appointed as watchmen...we are supposed to warn people, not wave a big stick, but not be indifferent which is vastly worse and is what I read in your post. Sin is sin no matter who it is that sins.
    How is the light of Jesus going to shine on the world if Christians are cloistered away in an abbey of self righteous indifference?
  17. Yes I hate that the wickedness of the world is being brought into the church...

    Mt 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    LOL...and you seem very "objective" how wonderful that you appoint yourself the objective judge of these matters..:rolleyes:
  18. (y)
  19. wow, that knife of your come out again?

    just so you know, do I considered I am right on everything, no, I don't even care about that!

    I just want to say God words are there for everyone to see, and I do have good understanding of some of it.

    and that is all that matters.
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