Gasoline; Different Stations And Grades.

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  1. this is the smartest baby I have ever seen!
  2. Heh heh
  3. How slow to you go before you start accelerating again? You said something about going pretty darn slow that you probably irritate other drivers. If you continually go speed up (to say 45) and then slow down (to say 25) up (to 45) and down (to 25) repeatedly over a distance of several miles or more----that is crazy, irritating and unsafe.:ROFLMAO:
  4. Yes Where...why do you not consider others?
  5. I am unsure what you are asking.
    Yes to what?
    Where ?????
    consider others - please elaborate.
  6. That's what we call "where is the messiah" ...Where"...and I was agreeing with you that, that sort of behavior displays a selfishness that "Where" is well-known for on this forum.
  7. lol
  8. Some refer to me as messiah.
  9. I live in the mountains. So sometimes I gain speed when coasting, and have to put the car in gear to slow it down some. I usually only do my extreme coasting when no one is behind me. If someone is behind me I won't go slower then 10 miles per hour below speed limit.
  10. Hey tonk, howve you been?
  11. The Truth About The Fuel Grades & Octane Levels

  12. A little off topic. Just a little. This is Gas Buddy - Where you can find the cheapest gas prices near you in the United States and Canada.

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