Gasoline; Different Stations And Grades.

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  1. I am on Yelp and have a thread going about this. My Yelp friends are stating that gasoline stations do not differ whatsoever in what they offer. Essentially, all gasoline comes from the same place apparently in my city (apparently). Some say to get premium grade gasoline for my 2001 Camry because I will get better millage from it. Others say premium gasoline is no better than regular and a waste of money.

    Do any of you have any good, deep knowledge about cars and can address this issue? Thanks!
  2. Any ethanol injected gas drys out your gaskets and seals-so in the long term, our government has made sure that our vehicles will rot from the inside out.

    Most newer cars will get better gas mileage on the higher grade gas-but since the ethanol injections started that line between grades is thinning with weaker performance no matter what grade you use.
  3. Hi Dirty, thanks for replying to this thread. :) one question for ya...what is ethanol injections? I'm not familar with the terms.
  4. It was the introduction of 'corn ethanol' into gasoline supposedly to make our gas supply go farther. It started as a 'peak season' additive at 5% and now I hear tell it is standardized at 10% nationwide permanently and even higher in some states.

    BTW: it costs more to produce a gallon of ethanol than it does to produce gasoline from crude. About 80% of our USA Corn production goes to making ethanol rather than food. Only about 6% of USA corn production goes to human food consumption. The other 14% is feed corn for animals and exportation to foreign countries (I believe these numbers are from the 2010 statistics last I checked into it-should be able to dig up the numbers online somewhere.)

    Some other stats you might find interesting; compared to the rest of the world; the United States is number:

    #193 Trade/ Economy (Last on the list)
    #37 in Health
    #33 in Reading
    #31 in Math
    #23 in Science
    #10 Economic Freedom
    #9 in IQ (Tied with many other countries)
    #9 Freedom of the Press (Tied with many other countries)
    #2 FOR MOST DEBT** (The EU is #1-Let’s be more like them!)

    #11 ranked in the world’s ‘Best Countries’ (Standard of Living) States&countryCode=us&regionCode=noa&rank=2#us
  5. you can still find some gas stations that don't put ethanol in the gas where im at, but theyre becoming harder and harder to find. With that being said, I honestly dont think a 10% ethonal mix is all that bad for engines, especially modern ones. My 97 F-150 has 315,000 miles on it, and almost all the gas I put in it has ethanol in it.
  6. you can still find some gas stations that don't put ethanol in the gas where im at, but theyre becoming harder and harder to find. With that being said, I honestly dont think a 10% ethonal mix is all that bad for engines, especially modern ones. My 97 F-150 has 315,000 miles on it, and almost all the gas I put in it has ethanol in it.
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  7. Ethanol is corn based or based from other materials that don't burn as well. They add a lot of ethanol out here in California. I put an additive that protects against the effects of ethanol in my car by Lucas. I seem to have better mileage when I use it.
  8. I have a 2004 Audi A4 and the sticker on the inside of the gas door says premium only. This is complete garbage. I've been putting regular in my car for over two years, no engine knocking, no issues! I bought the car at 68K miles and I'm now at 113K. Still going strong!
  9. I only put premium gas in my car because that is what is required. If you have a Camry, I do not believe you should be putting premium in the car, because that is not what is recommended for it.

    As far as getting better gas mileage with premium gas, or getting better gas mileage using Chevron gas over Arco, you will not. I have tested it out on my old car, because a mechanic told me it was true, but it was not true.

    If you really want better gas mileage here is some things you can do:

    Make your car lighter - Anything that doesn't need to be in the car, remove it. The less your car weighs, the better gas mileage you will get. Buy lighter rims, and other after market parts that will make your car lighter, remove seats not being used, etc.

    Never drive over 3000 RPM - The higher the rpm the less MPG you will get. Keeping it around 2000 RPM is best.

    Coasting - This might make other drives upset, but you will save a ton on gas. I've doubled my gas mileage doing this. Basically get up to the speed limit, then put your car in neutral and coast until you almost come to a stop, or for as long as you can.

    Tires/Windows - Always keep your tires at the proper pressure, and always keep your windows rolled up. Ive read that having your ac on with the windows rolled up is actually more efficient then having the windows down with the ac off.

    Cheers mate!
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  10. I accidentally put regular in my car, and it knocked. The performance also was noticeably different. Mine is turbo charged though, not sure if that has an effect on the gas.
  11. Mine is turbo as well, I've never had a problem with it knocking when putting regular in it. Now, if premium gas would fix all of my (Audi's in general) electronic problems, well then, I may just have to switch ;)
  12. You have more then 1 audi? You must really love them! :)
  13. Nah just one and I'll probably never buy one again. I'll never get over having to get rid of my Subaru WRX. When I can afford it, I'm getting that car again!
  14. I have a subaru wrx. Super fun in the snow, and windy roads. I have so many modified parts in it, its very hard finding someone that will make it pass smog. A lot of restrictions in California.
  15. That stinks. I had a lot of mods on mine too. I had a 2004 wrx w/ a small 16g turbo on it, up pipe, down pipe, cat-back exhaust, sti blue injectors, cold air intake, bigger top mount IC; it was awesome. I had it tuned. Came out to 290whp. It was really fun. I had it when I lived in Illinois so yeah, it's awesome in the snow!
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  16. Yikes - COASTING doesn't sound very safe or responsible for the other cars and people on the road around you. Part of being a driver is to be responsible and unselfish regarding our driving habits. :barefoot:
  17. Research shows coasting is very safe. Anyone that considers it unsafe I would have to assume they don't know how to drive, and recommend their license revoked, if they have one.

    If we compared coasting to a person that is eating food they just ordered from taco bell while driving, which would you say is safer?

    I'm sure you would agree that driving with two free hands is safer, rather than eating a fat burrito while driving. And I bet you've eaten food while driving. Or maybe you haven't done that, because then you would be considered a hypocrite.
  18. Yes this person is not a safe driver...he often endangers others for his own selfish reasons:mad:
  19. I just got a Camry hybrid last week and was wondering what gas to use since I forgot to ask. Do I use regular? I do use Chevron gas, but what grade?
  20. I think your owners manual says 87
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  21. Thank you.

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