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  1. My husband thinks it is 8/litre. All I know is when an item cost 4 Euros in Germany, we gave them $8 U.S. money, same with gas when we rented a car.
  2. I read that the average gas tax in the USA is 18 percent. England is 81 percent. Do the math!
  3. WOW!!!
    Are you kidding me!!? :eek:


    If I lived over there, you know what I'd do??
    I'd git on a boat and go start my own country.
    Ta heck with 81% taxation.....


    ................ Oh,.... wait....

    ........... Nevermind. :)

  4. What’s wrong?

    Somebody already steal your idea? :p
  5. Yea,.... Something like that.

    Fact is, we arent far behind, and we're all out of "Fresh New Worlds" to run to.

    The reason I started this thread was because I wondered how the other countries were being impacted.
    Oil is well under $80.00 per barrel.
    The last time it was that low in the US gas was around $1.50 if I remember right.
    We're getting back to that, but over in Europe, up in Canada, etc, they arent having elections like we are. And from the posts here, the prices are remaining pretty stable.

    So..... It it supply and demand? Or is it an artificially stimulated commodity?
    (Enquiring minds want to know) :D
  6. m8 i would go to usa no problem,but you have bigger problems over there.the most horrible people over there act nice for a tip.over here they tell it like it is or get least you know were you
  7. Mikey ..... So what are the gas prices there.?
  8. Michael,
    People are people.
    In the US, in Europe, in Africa, South America, you name it. There are good and bad.

    I live near a military town so I meet people from all nations. One thing I dearly love about where I live is the fact that we, and especially my children meet people who married in other countries.

    Lots of White / Black Black / Asian, White / Asian, and on and on and on.
    My kids dont judge people by how they look, they determine integrity by the actions of the individual.

    I thank God for that every day.

    You are right, there are many people here who put up a false front. I think Jesus used the term "White Washed Tombs"
    Pretty on the outside, but dead on the inside.

    But that's not a U.S. thing, it's a "Human Condition."

    If you ever get the chance to visit the U.S. I would recommend that you take full advantage of it. It's a big change from what you may be used to, but we're just folks, just like you all are just folks. :)

    (We just have guns!) :D
  9. Gas is still extremely expensive here, Like its always been.
    Remember, We, for some reason, have 5 litres per gallon, while you only have 4 liters a gallon.
    Gas or petrol as we call it is slowly dropping, its now at £1.05 per liter, at the moment, that is $1.80 per liter, So we would be spending, in your money, $9 per gallon.

    Rip off or what, you wanna send some of you cheap fuel to us? :)
  10. Thanks to the calculation you provided I converted my litres into gallons and am horrified to discover our gas is $4.63 a gallon here in the Okanagan part of British Columbia.
  11. the bible has been omitted from your schools,in 100 yrs time,you probably wouldn,t reckonise your we have learned what happens in the bible.
  12. So what is a litre right now .... cause today ours in the east is $1.07... which is the lowest it has been in a long time.
  13. Your "location" says a secret place, ...I won't ask! :p

    But 9 dollars a gallon?

    Your lifestyle must be quite different from mine.

    At nine dollars a gallon, I wouldn't be able to drive at all. I just can't imagine how you must basically do completely without a vehicle.

    $9.00 per gallon would be $378.00 per fillup, and I fillup at least twice per month, so $756.00 per month in fuel. (That's just the truck, not the bike and the mini-van.)

    In fact, if you consider what I put on my truck, I use around 20 gallons per month in my bike, (It gets great mileage and I use it for longer trips to save money.)
    We use about 120 gallons per month in the mini-van, (That's the family vehicle, so it gets used the most.)

    So for our family, we need around 200 gallons per month. And at $9.00 per, that would be $1,800.oo per month.

    Considering the fact that I earn a little over $2,200.00 per month, and that is our entire family income, we would starve.

    How on earth do you folks do it???

    I agree, you and I use the same oil, and you're closer to it than we are.
  14. I don't understand how that can be?

    It has to be one or the other doesn't it?

    Can anyone help me out with that?
  16. I can remember gas being 22 cents per gallon - back when they had gas wars in the old days. When I left Delaware in 1968 gas was 24 cents a gallon everyday. Even in about 1996-7 gas here locally was as low as 77 cents a gallon. How can that be - then you couldn't get a gallon of distilled water for 77 cents - and that 77 cents gas price included about 43 cents in taxes.
  17. When I was in Canada in the early 1970's gas was sold by the IMPERIAL gallon. Later they went to the liter.

    1 Imperial gallon = 4.54609188 liters

    1 US gallon = 3.78541178 litres
  18. Hi! I see prices anywhere from $2.89 for regular (Payed today) to $3.29. In Hampton Roads, VA area.
  19. Here in Minnesota, our gas prices tend to be lower than much of the rest of the country. Something to do about where our supply comes from, etc. Prices in my neighborhood were around $2.78 or thereabouts today. When I visited South Carolina a few weeks ago, it was something of a shock to me to encounter not only significantly higher prices, but shortages as well. Very few stations had any of the higher grades of gasoline, and some didn't even have 87 octane regular.

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