Gas Prices

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  1. Gas Prices

    Not sure if this is the best thread for this or not. I suppose it qualifies as environmental.

    I was wondering what others are paying for gas?

    We're finally getting back to normal, I just filled up at $2.69.

    I wondered what others are paying. :confused:

    (Thats $2.69 per gallon for our brothers and sistern not in the US)
  2. Wish it was $2.69 here. I just filled up on Sunday for $3.30 a gallon only to have to drop to $3.25 on Monday...go figure :(
  3. Just give it time, remember we have an election in a few weeks.
    I predict less than $2.00 per gallon between now and then.

    A few months ago we were above $4.50 a gallon.
    (Supply and demand!) :D :D (Yea, right)

    Gas prices always drop by 50% or more just prior to an election, so that whatever party happens to be in charge looks like the "good guy"

    I was just wondering how other people have been effected. You said that you went from $3.30 to $3.25 in a day, how much has it dropped for you over the last two or three months? :confused:
  4. Well ours have dropped and I filled up at $ 1. 09 per litre yesterday. which is a far cry from $1.40 a week ago. Today it is $1.04 but that's a litre people so don't know what that is in gallons.
  5. A little math here....

    Lets see, One Litre, (liter, whatever) is 0.2641721 gallons.
    ( I will never understand how you folks keep that stuff streight!) :D

    That would be....

    (Oh!, "criminy".... Let's see...)

    Multiply $1.04 by 0.2641721..... I think that comes out to..... :confused:

    $2.74 per gallon.

    Still a little high, but affordable. You're in Canada right? :cool:
  6. Right . Still don't understand the logic when we live next door that we should be in litres. and you guys in gallons.and we are in kilometers and you are in miles. So confusing.
  7. Agreed, very confusing.
    I remember when I was in school, (30 years ago) Our teacher told us that "One Day" we might be forced to convert to metrics.

    She said that the metric system was based on tens, and that some day we might have to learn it.

    That was about it. We still have not converted our system to metricks, and I teach my kids the same thing.

    That,... "One Day" might have to learn this stuff, but for now, don't worry about it.

    I don't know if a kiilometer is the same as a foot, or an inch or a mile. Or if a "litre" is like a "cup" or a "Gallon" or a swimming pool.

    It gets real funny when we watch television, especially European stations when they talk about things like (All...- Eue-.. Minium) And (Kill-Ohe- Meters) and stuff like that.
  8. Yah well as a senior , I still haven't learned it and I have my thermometer in Farenheit so at least I know what the temperature is inside and out . I still don't know the centigrade.

    At least some store still have things in pounds so I am ok that way.
  9. I hear ya. I guess if I planned to move to Europe, or something like that it might be good to learn the metric system, but why bother?

    I wonder, since you said that you buy gas in litres,... what do the pumps look like up there?

    Do they display the amount in "Litres" while they go?

    I'm trying to imagine what it would be like if someone told me the temperature in "Centegrade"
    I wouldn't know if they were talking about Antarctica, or the surface of the sun.

    My "dress" could be rather troublesome that day!!
  10. Yes they only display litres .
  11. Say, Dusty.....

    What kind of money do you use???

    I mean "Dollars, Dimes, Pennies"???

    Do you have the same currancy we have down here?
  12. Yah ,we have dollars , quarters , dimes , nickels , pennies just like you except we have one dollar coin called a loonie and a two dollar coin called a toonie . OUr bills are different colours like the five is blue , the ten is sort of a blue purple etc. . not all the same colour like yours.
  13. It would be better to use this conversion

    1 US gallon = 3.78541178 litres

    $1.04 x 3.78541178 = 3.9368282512
    I’m sure they would round it up, so just call it $3.94 a gallon.

    Today we are about $2.98, give or take depending on the location and time of day. Seems like it’s been dropping overnight some nights and some days it’s different in the evening.

    10 miles north and it’s about $3.08 just because it’s by the freeway.
  14. That's interesting Dusty.
    I like the term ("Loonie!")
    Recently we, (someone) decided to change our currency as well. We have about 5 different types of every bill, coin, you name it. To this day, I couldn't tell a counterfit from an original, I wouldn't know if it was fake, or just this weeks flavor of currency.

    I'm good with that. I pulled my "conversion" from a quick Google search.
    I had a bet with some friends this summer.... "Who could be the first to put twenty bucks in the tank?"

    (Motorcycle tank)

    But now that the elections are near, and the government has lowered the price of gas, I suppose we will have to wait until after January.

    I just wondered if other countries were going through the same thing or not.
    I expect we will hit $5.00 per gallon by next summer.
  15. I spent two weeks in Europe this summer and gas in England was $8/gal. and going up, so we shouldn't be complaining. Everything is higher there of course compared to our dollars. They wonder what we're complaining about. Here in Iowa, it was $2.69/gal. Lowest all summer! :eek:
  16. Our gas price here in Maryland is about $3.59 a gallon for premium, which I use and roughly $3.39 for regular. I want cheaper gas too like the mid-westerners!! :( Last week it was $3.81

    What a disparity in prices! I don't get it!
  17. Wow, 8 bucks a gallon!
    Let's see, my truck holds 44 gallons, thats.. $352.00 a fillup!! :eek:

    I wonder why it's so much higher over there?

    I reserve the right to complain anytime iwanna! :p
  18. Gas has slowly dropped to $3.19 today. Behind the scenes you just know that the greedy ones have been manipulating the price - just because they can.

    I read a quarterly article a few weeks ago about the behind the scenes goings-on in the industry. Speculators are normally short term buy and sell entities, according to this source - he said that a new breed of speculators have moved into the realm of petro futures. Groups with a lot of capital who buy and hang on for higher prices. Also he said that there is/was an extreme shortage of oil tankers used to transport crude to the marketplace. The reason for this was that Iran and some other oil producing countries have been leasing these tankers and stockpiling crude in order to force the price go up by creating an artificial shortage. I guess it worked.

    If this stockpiling report is true, then as soon as the price starts falling, and it did, the hoarders are going to move their stock of stashed oil before the price drops again. What this means is that there will be two periods of price reductions. The initial one and a later second one when all this glut of stashed oil hits the market. This seems to have already happened, but it is hard to tell clearly because of the total volitility of the economic system these days.

    I do find it easy to believe in manipulation by those with big money and a lot of power in the world.

  19. Ask about the government taxes per litre?
  20. That's what I was wondering.
    If the excessive cost was due to taxation or due to supply and demand.

    In the states, and even within a region of one state, gasoline will vary by a great percentage. Taxation is the majority of the price of a gallon of gasoline, but there is also the markup due to supply and demand.

    The fact that gas is 8 bucks a gallon in Europe sure makes me think. Why on earth would the cost be so much higher? It can't be supply and demand, Europs has more oil than the United States and uses less per capita.

    I would think it must be taxation, but I'm not sure.

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