Gas prices

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Dusty, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Just my opinion but I believe that we are being victimized by a conspiracy to lower the standard of living in the Western world. Personally i believe this is being forced on us by the environmental whacko's on the far left.
  2. Yes , you are right my son. There is no need to gouge us like this. The oil companies are making billions.
  3. Billions yes...but not... TRILLIONS!!!!

    I mean... If you can convince hundreds of millions of people to buy your product at such a high price and make so much off of it...why not make them pay MORE and make MORE from it?! Makes perfect sense.

    *Bottled water prices Soar!*
    *As does the price of snowglobes strangely...*
  4. How about drilling off the coast of Alaska and California?

    Oh no, wait, we can't, we might harm the fish :p
  5. How bout we just start walking again?

    No...we'll hurt the little bugs on the ground then. And all those fat cells that would die, poor little things, if we started walking again.

    Greed. It's all greed plain and simple. But it's their oil, they can charge what they want for it.:rolleyes:
  6. I agree with Whirlwind

    While these prices are absolutely atrocious, it's their oil and they can shoot it in space, blow it up, make ice cream out of (don't know why they would), or whatever.

    It's just why US.:D
  7. Near - they say one gigantic solar flare is all it would take to return us to the days of horse-n-buggie.:D

    Can you imagine? No more racing on the superhighways? No more pollution? Everything you need within walking distance or a horse-ride away?

  8. To bad such an event would likely lead to the starvation and death of billions of people.
  9. I could live with that LOL. Except I still need airplanes, 'cause Im not spending months traveling to go see my family out west LOL!
  10. But you know what ? I saw on TV tonight that the car industry are just a few years away form cars that don't require gas and it's not a hybrid either. They are testing them already on the roads. Zero emission so they are also good for the environment.

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