Gas Going Up Again?

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by Jasher, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Gas Going Up Again?

    On top of the hurricane they say gas prices will be going up again perhaps as high as $4.50 per gallon due to the storm. Katrina back in 2005 gave us the highest overnight increase in history.

    "On the other hand, a storm as catastrophic as Katrina could lead to a 30 percent increase in gas prices, said Tom Klozas of the Oil Price Information Service. That would put prices in the $4.50 per gallon range."

  2. Man you guys have it easy, for so many years, we have been paying double what you pay for gas...or petrol as we Brits call it :)
  3. Any excuse to take advantage of the public is a good excuse for greedy business people.
  4. I have a clearer understanding of "Money is the root of all evil".
    It counts for peoples debts, greed, and governments paying people to spread lies.

    Its all just greed, people will do anything to get a few extra quid.
  5. Sadly this is the kind of greed that hurts everyone and damages an already struggling economy.
    I ran a large meat department in Metairie LA after hurricane Katrina. Being the only supermarket open on the east bank of the Parrish we were out of control busy. The owners could have jacked up all the prices but instead choose to freeze those prices in spite of substantial increases in cost. They made a lot of friends then and God is blessing their business even now. I am just rying to say that there is more than one way to prosper and greed (I think) will eventually be the downfall of those who adhere to it.
  6. What a great attitude Bo. Not anywhere near the damage that was expected - so maybe they will be up and running again in a few days. But yes any excuse will do to increase prices.
  7. meh gas is nearly $5/gallon up here in canada (betwean $1.30-$1.40/L)
  8. Hm, even a little more expensive here in Ukraine...

  9. Yes indeed try the UK prices and you will count your blessings.

    Today £1.14 per litre. That converts to $2.02 per litre. There are 3.785 litres in a US gallon so that makes it

    $7.65 per gallon today.
  10. Woa, and I thought ours at $1.30 a litre . was a lot
  11. As Boanerges said any excuse for them is okay.

    California was the place in the U.S. where I think we were paying the most per gallon. Surprisingly the gasoline has yet again dropped to between $3.10 - 3.50 with diesel back in the $4 range. Depending on what gas station and area you are in the gas prices vary extremely.

    Shell makes us pay more, I think the cheapest gas station is Mobil, but I haven't checked lately so IDK.

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