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  1. Gardening tips

  2. I have bought worms before as well. My mom and I have joked about banding them so if they strayed over to the neighbors we could retrieve our worms. :p They don't just irrigate the soil, but they put valuable nutrients into it.
  3. I actually grow worms. I haven't gotten enough to throw out in the garden yet. Maybe next year.
    I think composting is one of the best things you can do for your garden. And it is cheaper than buying fertilizer.
  4. :smile_anim:

    We compost also. We have two going right now.

    Just a word of caution, I'd be careful buying pre-composted topsoil from anyone unless you already know their reputation. We got some one year and it was full of all sorts of things that should have never been in a compost pile-- like metal pens.

    Compost - Mulch - Soil Blends - Fertilizers - Herbicides and Insecticides <-- a good website with products for sale and also information to help you do things on your own.
  5. Hey...i have bought a new house in Alaska, and it has a huge garden, Can somebody please suggest me how can i make my garden attractive? And which flowers i should plant in this season?
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  6. I remember when my mother's best friend and neighbor, asked how she grew such beautiful cabbage (hers was being eaten by cabbage worms)

    My mother told her she sprinkled flour on them. The neighbor tried it and the next day told my mom it didn't work.

    My mom explained, it doesn't kill the worms, it repels them.

    Apparently she thought the worms would drop dead like from insecticdes.

    Anyway, flour works and it's harmless! I don't know if mom used it on any other plants. Would be interesting to know if it repels other insects as well. :)
  7. A pen doesn't sound too bad ;)

    I wouldn't take anything from untrusted sourced though. Even something like taking your friendly neighbour's spare cabbage seedlings and planting them could land you with clubroot.

  8. That is interesting, Ginger. I haven't heard of sprinkling flour before. I wonder if it would work on parsley to keep the caterpillars away.
  9. Don't know....I'm not the gardener my mom was. She always had a huge beautiful garden.

    Anyway, it wouldn't hurt to try it. :)

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