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Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Dusty, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. :cool:
    My wife will like these.:)
  2. Thanks!

    Thanks for the links, Dusty.

    I always make the mistake of overwatering my plants. :eek:
  3. You're welcome . Well it is the 19th of Aug. and I have not had to water all summer due to a very wet season. My lawn is so green just like spring as well as every one elses. Well at least it's good on the water bill. LOL:D
  4. I see these blown glass watering bulbs that you can buy to meter out water to your plants. I was wondering how a Perrier bottle would work with a hole punched in the cap. Anyone used the watering bulbs?

    Larry II
  5. Actually I have a couple for my indoor plants and they work quite well and it is especially good when you go away , you don't have to worry about some one watering your plants.:D
  6. Try Gardenweb. The info is totally open for reading but if you want to post, you have to sign up (also free)

    The GardenWeb Forums - GardenWeb

    But be careful. Lots of info and it sucks ya in. :D

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