Galatians 2:20, Pure Grace

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  1. Galatians 2: 20 sets forth the way God intended for humans to live after Christ died on the cross. In the Bible, there are at least three distinctive Ways presented in different periods of time. These time periods, or the dispensations in which these ways of living are found, are you essential to the plan of God. Actually, each one of the seven dispensations given in the Scriptures, had a different way of living and a different gospel to go along with it. However, I will deal with just three at this time because these three are still used today erroneously in one way or another by Christians.

    1) The first way of living was under law. For 4300 years, in five dispensations, God guided his people by some law. It was either obey or perish. The last 1700 years of time Israel lived under Moses law. Living by the laws of God to be saved ended when Christ died on the cross. Yet, erroneously, at least 90% of believers in Christianity practice some part of gods passed laws as a means of salvation.

    2) another way of living for God is found when Jesus of Nazareth comes practicing Moses law in attempting to set up His kingdom on earth. This way of living carries through the book of acts ( have you ever wondered why He killed Ananias and Saphira in the book of Acts, he was still dealing with Israel under the law) until the gospel goes to the Gentiles, Acts 28:28. The Gospel goes to the Gentiles because the father sees it Israel as she was then could never be what he wanted her to be. Jesus of Nazareth had done everything he possibly could to get the nation of Israel to except her Messiah.

    She rebelled, but throughout the book of acts God kept working to bring Israel to except her Messiah and kept offering the kingdom of God on earth to them. He did this by using signs wonders and miracles but Israel still did not believe. During this time, there was a new way of living centered in the signs, wonders and miracles of the early church. Everybody living been enjoyed that very special way of living.

    Many of the early Christians participated in God's blessing for Israel but even as great as this was it still short of the wonders of grace which do not mix with the law. Yet, at least 90% of Christians, even today erroneously, practice parts, if not the whole, of the kingdom message that belongs to Israel in the hope that they will get greater blessings in some miracle.

    3) The third and final way of living is in the sphere of grace. Grace is a new and Daring program of God where he can totally rely upon the finished work of Christ at Calvary. Grace is not a combination of law and the kingdom message: Grace stands alone as a new and special way of living created just for those that the father has rebirthed himself, Second Corinthians 5:17.

    Yet, at least 90% of Christianity forfeits living Galatians 2:20 by attempting to get the blessings of Israel or attempting to have a part of Israel's kingdom on earth. Like Jack in the beanstalk story, modern believers continue to trade the goose that lays the golden eggs for a handful of beans.
  2. Agreed.
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  3. Major I'm starting to worry about you buddy. Kidding lil humor glad you enjoyed it.
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  4. Do you just make the numbers up or did you get someone to do a straw poll?

    BTW the word you wanted was "accept' not "except" in "nation of Israel to except her Messiah"
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  5. Yes my number, and I speak the words and dont always catch the error. I really don't think this message is for you its for a distinct group that has an ear to hear and are wanting to move on in God. Do critique what you understand and don't be too quick on the Things you don't understand.
  6. That is some first class arrogance there, do you actually read this junk before you post it?
  7. You have been baiting an arguement for months. This is a Chistian site treat it as such, if you disagree thats your prerogative. We all have different understandings just have a little respect
  8. I find it troublesome when folks use false statistics to make a point.
    If you were telling the truth there would be no need for such embellishment.
  9. :LOL:
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  10. I would liek to point out that first there is only ONE Gospel and there has only been ONE gospel .
    Second you say that under the law it is either obey or perish.
    Let it be understood that THE Gospel is BELIEVE or perish.
    "For unless ye repent ye shall all likewise perish"
    "God is not willing that any should perish but that all should coem to a knowledge of the truth ."
    "This is the condemnation........." not so much that men have sinned (for all have sinned ) but ".......they love darkness more than the light "
    "The preaching of the cross is foollishness to them that are perishing ,but it si the power fo God unto salvation who believe "

    You should not speak of "another gospel " or a " differnt gospel " When Paul by the scriptures says there is" NOT another gospel"
    that each age has a different message in acordance with the progresive purposes of God . But THE Gospel has never changed in any of the ages that have gone before .
    The message for this age is the Bride of Christ . But it is till the same Gospel.

    in Christ
  11. Following the law (or following His commandments?) is not a means of salvation, but a means of sanctification.

    Even before Christ, it was the Grace of God that was the salvation of man. It was faith in God that availed man of that salvation.

    The Law was and is good. The Law is not the point. For Christians, you are not loving your Lord if you are consumed with the world, and you are not loving your neighbor if you are lying about him, etc. When my son's were little, they had specific rules, from which they eventually learned principles. Specific do's and don'ts are replaced by living in an upright manner.

    Israel was to be a light to the world. The Gospel was always for all men. Method of proclaiming it have changed.

    The Blessings for Israel were made to the patriarchs, principally Abraham, and accrue to his descendants. The Lord is faithful to both the letter of those promises and the spirit. Some have been extended to the body of Christ, but even there, it is not by following the commandments that we acquire them, except in the sense that as we obey His commandments, the blessings are made available to our spirits.

    There was a book I read many years ago called Oh Christian, Oh Jew. I have looked for it over the past few years and cannot find it. The thesis of the book is that there are specific promises made to the people of Israel, and others that are made to the body of Christ. There are plenty of blessings to go around, and no need to claim those specific to Israel on some theory of being the spiritual Israel.

    Men have been saved through God's Grace as long as there have been men. God revealed His plan in stages. Man's understanding has changed. God has not.
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  12. Grace as a message didnt come untill the Apostle Paul. I just see things different, I see the different dispensations as having a message for that dispensation. I won't use the word gospel, the only reason I do use the word gospel is because the gospel meaning a message.
    I see more than one Gospel in the New Testament.
    I see the born-again having a message or a gospel that is directed to them.
    Coming through the apostle Paul, given to Paul by the Lord Jesus Christ, specifically for the new creation race of people that the Father would birth Himself.

    It is not mixed or commingled with any other message in the Bible.
    When we Read Paul and we see these things, he does not mix law and grace or any of the other messages in the old testament.
    He does use analogies" from the Old Testament, such as Abraham and his faith.
    But Paul basically is showing the Romans in the fourth chapter, the great faith of Abraham could not change his nature.
    It was not a faith message, yes faith is involved but it wasn't the preaching of faith, it was the preaching of Christ and the new birth and the new nature and the cross that Paul was instituting.

    I see christ expressed as you the believer, the only way for Christ to come out of a believer is the way he has created them. We have no life of our own, I don't know why we can't get that we seem to think Jesus is an attachment to us.
    We have been crucified, and the life we now live is Christ. We are not little gods we are not Jesus, but the life we are to express is Christ, we are Christians. It's his life, we have a living Christ inside of us, the only way he can come out of you is as you.
    The mind has to be renewed or you have a bunch of people out here in the world running around with Christ in them and they are still expressing an old man trying to clean him up listening to the gospel of correction and spinning their wheels.
    Mind renewal for this understanding comes through the apostle Paul only.
    Yes I believe the Bible is the inspired word of God, I also believe that it is not all written to you as a message. When we read Psalms, Proverbs, Old testament prophets , we can use it for life application but there is no life in it. Life is in the Son
    I am of the opinion when you read the epistles of Paul you're reading the mind of Christ.
  13. The use of the word "gospel" is initself both misleading and wrong when you say there are other gospels .
    For paul says there is only ONE gospel ansd there always has been but oen gospel.
    When you read the letetr of Pauls epistles they are as dead as the letter of the Old Testament .
    BOTH need the quickening power of the Spirit both to give understanding and to quicken us according to that Word.
    For He who spoke in times past is he who spoke now through His Son.
    "Noah found grace in the sight fo God ". Men are ALWAYS and ever have only been saved by grace and not of works .
    When the Lord judged on the matter of the woman caught in adultery . There you will see both the law and grace in operation AND how they are applied and why.

    Abrahams nature was changed and |God declared it when he changed is name from one thing to Abraham.
    God always changes people .How can it be oterwise when you meet with God?

    in Christ
  15. Agreed Geralduk! Only ONE gospel! The gospel of Gods righteousness in Christ has been the message of scripture from genesis to revelations. The law was our school master and to show forth our wretchedness and inability to please God. To show forth our guilt! And to bring us to faith in Christ. Salvation is by the elective and merciful grace of God in Christ our Lord! The promised Savior!

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