Funny things you do while no one is looking

Discussion in 'Humor' started by NearertoGod, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. Funny things you do while no one is looking

    Just for fun - a lot of them are fake, some of them are true. Create your own, too! Have fun.

    When I'm by myself, I do head banging while listening to my favorite music.

    I make little comedy shows with my dogs with funny little voices.

    I have secret identities on the internet! Shh! >_>

    Poke the person next to me, and start a POKING WAR. Boo YAH!

    Spy on everyone at CFS while you're not looking! w00t! Google Earth Spy.ZAPPR rocks. :cool:
  2. If I only do those things when no one is looking, I’m sure not going to tell you guys. :)

    Actually, if I’ll paint my toenails with about 15 people in the room… there isn’t much I won’t do when people are looking. :D
  3. LOL!

    Hey, I can't look! I'm over a computer screen! TEE HEE.

    AH HA! I KNEW IT WAS YOU GETTING YOUR NAILS PAINTED. Oh yeah, I'm sooooo smart. :p
  4. I am a model of propriety and decorum when nobody's looking. :cool:
  5. He has a picture of it here somewhere though!!!!!!! :D
  6. And that lady who is getting ready to do the reflexology is my Pastor.
    I've got the best Pastor. :D

  7. Oh- then we can take down the cameras- LOL!:D
  8. The sight of that foot will forever haunt my dreams!!!!!!!!!:p
  9. Really, there's nothing I do when no one's around.

    Especially if I do something really blonde,
    there always seems to be someone looking!!!

  10. I pray, dance, and sing. As I am tone deaf, I only sing when no one is around...or in such a large crowd that no one can tell it's me :D

    I like to dance, but people are reminded of "Elaine" from Seinfeld when I do. The only one who doesn't tease me when I dance is my little she is the only one I dance in front son gets creaped out, and my DH gets a good little girl dances with me!
  11. Kgirl,
    Can you dance like Carlton though???


  12. Yeah, only I don't have rhythm...:eek:

  13. Laugh my butt off! Carlton. I can do the Carlton! Oh wait, my dogs are the only one who've seen me do it! xD TEE HEE.
  14. This is a little embarassing because it's just so silly, but I for years had this bad habit of rolling little pieces of paper on the tops of my hands until they disintegrated. Pretty strange, huh? I actually had to force myself to stop just a couple months ago. I went cold turkey and I hardly remember to do it now :)

  15. Isn't he hilarious????

    And lovin' Tom Jones, to boot!
  16. That reminds me of my strange habit of lining things up so they are perfectly straight!

  17. Oh yeah, I give my pets cute little Nicknames too.

    Here's some of them:

    Oj Jo
    Ozmosis Joneses
    Baby Boo Boo
    Ozsiah (I don't why but I always seem to mash up Biblical names with my pets names! LOL!)
    And some other ones I can't think of now

    Tongue (Cause he always has his tongue hanging out [kind of like the tip of his tongue while his mouth is closed])
    Hap Hap
  18. I like to snuggle with my teddy bear on the sofa while watching a movie. I have had him since I was little. :eek:
  19. On a rare occasion… I might dance a little myself. :D

  20. Hey, let's ALL do the Carlton! :D

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