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  1. I recently accepted a position with a ministry organization that requires its staff to raise 100% of its funds. I was wondering if anybody on this forum has any experience with this task and what advice if any do you all have?
  2. I know that many missionaries raise the money for their missions by traveling among churches, preaching and describing their mission and accepting donations. Sometimes a congregation will 'adopt' the missionary and substantially provide the funds required, as well as other needs and continue to pray for and support the mission.
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  3. Yard sales - bake sales - odd jobs - car wash are all good ways to earn some finances and you can also have some literature available telling about what it is your ministry does and take donations as well. Seek God and allow Him to lead will also make a huge difference.
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  4. Staff Warning
    It is OK to discuss funding opportunities, however please do not ask members here to help with funding, this is against the forum rules.
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  5. Pray and ask God to provide. Dont beg from your brothers and sisters. If He wants you to go, He'll lay it on peoples hearts to give without you saying anything.

    Read about George Mueller. He ws a famous missionary, and alsoCorrie ten Boom. They never asked people for anything, they just did what they meant to do, which was preach the gospel.
  6. For situations like this, as an example of what we're to do, I study George Muller. He cared for over 10,000 orphans during his lifetime and never once asked for money. He established 117 schools which served over 120,000 kids. Not a single request from anyone for anything except the Lord God to provide for his needs. The Lord never failed him.
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