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  1. Frustrated

    Good evening,

    I am in a dating relationship with a Christian man. The spiritual aspect of our relationship has been great. This is the first man I have ever been with that is equally yoked. Being in a relationship with him, has brought me to such a deeper level in my own faith.

    I am 45 and his is 50 never been married. The part that I am frustrated with is he has some serious financial issues and other things going on in his life right now. We do pray about everything and ask for the Lord's guidance in all of it.

    Through his growing up, he was in alot of Bible studies. When we talk on the phone and I start sharing about something I read, he says oh yes it is in the book of Daniel, or book of Geneis.. or this is what the bibilical view is of all of that.. which is so amazing to me.

    However with all he is facing right now, and he really wants the Lord to show him his path, I encourage him to be in the Word, we have heard several messages at church lately about being in the Word, yet he does not take the time to do it..

    I have learned so much lately and I know when I pick up the Word it speaks to me so clearly.

    So do I just not say anything anymore? I do pray for the Lord to touch his heart and soul and that somehow he will pick the Bible up.

    Why do you think it is he does not? I know we are not mind readers.
    Any ideas on this and encouraging advice?

  2. Yeh, I know someone who is like that. She works where I work and she seems like she knows everything there is to know about scripture also. Yet she never reads the Bible. Sometimes I think it's because she thinks she has finally "arrived." But, I'm like you, learning everyday. Of course I haven't grown up in church, but I hope I never get that confident to become like her.

    I would pray for your friend because that is one thing a man cannot fight against - the power of God's love through the concern of a praying woman. It's the only thing that will work. Good luck and be careful.
  3. Hello, FW

    If you truly know him as a man of God and feel good about his spirituality, I wouldn't worry about it at the moment~

    Maybe it is just a phase in his life, with things on his mind.

    How close are you two?
    Do you suggest to him, reading?
    Maybe you could ask to read together once in awhile.

    Keep praying for him.

    Many blessings to both of you~

  4. Just remembered. My husband's daughter just discovered why her husband of 5 yrs. never wanted to read with her or to her. He can't read. Somehow, if these people knew how smart they were to get as far as they got, they could probably learn to read if they really wanted to, and not be ashamed to ask for help. Hope that is not your case.
  5. Could you share with him any understanding you have about stewardship or financial Godly principles?
    Giving regularly to God, sowing in faith etc?
    It just suprises me how many Christians seem to not have much understanding of God's way of handling money (not saying you)
  6. When we're hungry or thirsty, God can put a big ole dripping cheesburger and a tall mug of root beer in front of us at the table.

    But it's up to us to pick it up and eat/drink.

    He gave us free will and the decision to either take his gift (His precious cheeseburger) or go hungry.

    We're big boys. He's not going to spoon-feed us anymore, hee hee.:eek:

    Same thing here. We can pray for answers, and he can give us a bible. But it's up to us to open His Word and to read the answers.

    You got a dollar-tree store around you? They sell chapters of the bible on CD. Go and buy one. Listen to it loud.

    You can also download chapters from Tell him you're seeking your own answers, and he's welcome to join you in a listening session to seek his own.


    God bless you!:D
  7. Thanks for all your replies.

    He is very capable of reading.. does not have that problem.

    He is the one who has helped me to grow my faith.

    He knows all the biblical principles of tithing, being faithful, sin.. you name it he knows it.. but unfortuantely for whatever reason chooses to not seek out the Word.

    We do pray together when we are together and via phone as we live 2 hrs away from each other. We have devotions when we are together.

    What I realized today, is I will continue to pray for him.. but can you see what is happening here.. the time I take to worry and obsess over that is time I should be spending with God strengthening my path..

    I know God wants me to be in a relationship where both partners love God first.. where there is complete honesty and trust and that both partners want a God filled life.. so I shall seek to clean myself up.. and love God first.. and as I do that.. God will keep on showing me.. I know God sure does not want me with somone who only picks up the Word in case of Emergency.. can you imagine if God did that to us? When we say we were running late, we were to tired to have devotion.. sorry God.. just imagine if God said to me.. sorry Faithwoman.. I was late today so I could not be there to give you the strength to get through your day! No.. God always has time for us.. we need to do the same.

    Ok.. done venting.. thanks!

  8. I would suggest that when you do get togeather you ask him to read scripture with you, this may reignite his interest. And of course above all pray for him!
  9. With all due respect to your friend he may think he knows all he needs to knows about the Bible and there is nothing more he can get from it (EGO).
    Even Satan can quote the Bible, (Not calling your friend satan) but this does not mean he has a close relationship with Yeshua (Jesus). Suggest to him since he knows God's Word so well that maybe you two could sit down some night and maybe he could conduct a small Bible Study between you and him, which consists you both reading from the Bible.
    If this does not happen and before this relationship gets to involved I would come right out and ask him if he is willing or why he is not willing to read the Bible with you.
    Praying for both of you.
  10. Faithwoman, you are a wise woman too!
    You know deep down what you need to say/do.
    God bless:)
  11. Faith woman,

    A few thoughts,

    While knowing the word of God is most desirable, the important thing is to know the God of the word.

    Book learning isn't all there is to knowing any subject and certianly that holds true for knowing the LORD. Knowledge must be applied to be fruitful. Maybe for him the Lord is working on application and afirmation and reality in his life.

    To every thing there is a season; Perhaps it is the season when the LORD wants you and this man to be equely yoked in knowledge of His written word. Perhaps it is the season for him to teach you and you to learn from him.

    I call it the "preacher sindrome" though I doubt there has been any significant study done on the subject. It's not ego, but (I suppose) a natural result of having spent a great deal of time specificly in God's written word.
    Some of the symptems are;
    Bible book name dropping or verse quoting of scripture related to a given subject. It's probuibly a habit more than any thing else. the person does it sometimes without realizing they are doing it.
    Speaking in old (King James english). This one is most often seen when the person is praying or quoting scripture, especialy by those older people who studied mostly out of the King James bible.

    We all fall short. . . Every one has weaknesses. Your freind is no exception. Looks like financial responcibility might be his. Thank God it's not drugs or sex or some other deep ,serious problem.

    Ever been so involved in looking for something that you missed it??????
    Perhaps that's your situation right now. I suggest you take a deep breath, appreciate that God has given you some one to help you mature in faith.

    Luk 10:38-42
    The account of Martha and her sister Mary shows us that while diligence is good ,sometimes we need to just relax and be with the Lord.

    In praise
    of Him
  12. Thanks so much. It is so true.. know the God of the word! What an awesome way to put it! and to be applied to be fruitful.. hmm what awesome words! ...

    There truly is a season going on here.. deep down like Jax said.. I know of some things I need to do..

    Thanks again!

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