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  1. I am not bringing this up to discuss this movie as entertainment hence not in that section and it delves into doctrinal on the philosophical plane but I think Gen Discuss is the most appropriate place for this but Mod please move if it you have a more appropriate place. The song "Let It Go" has wonderful musical (not considering lyrics, if I wasn't clear enough) value in itself, I think. A beautiful, enchanting composition. Magnificient! Bravo! to the composer. Then Disney added lyrics which seemingly mock being a good girl and encouraging turning ones's back on such instruction to do so and slamming the door on them and never turning back. It seems to idolize being a "Queen" of isolation and letting the storm rage on however it may and maintaining the position of being insensitive, "the cold never bothered me anyway." "It's time to see what I can do. To test the limits and break through. No right, no wrong, no rules for me. I'm free" It goes on to say, "I am one with the wind and sky. Let it go, let it go. You'll never see me cry. Here I stand and here I stay. Let the storm rage on." It goes on ot discuss the power and mangnificance of self or the individual.

    What bothers me about this is my grandaughters love this movie/Theme song and I cannot/will not tell my children how to raise theirs but I do baby sit their children a lot so I am concerned about my grandaughter picking up some very destructive ideologies/doctrine as naturalism, relative moralism, situational ethics, and other eastern religions as they are being slid down their throat with some very sweet and appealing delicacies. I am afraid that among my clan I may be considered an incredible paranoid, conspriracy nut as I suggest that I see this movie as a platform for the gay lesbian agenda (hmm, it is Disney, not Walt that is) propagation by seeding at the foundational developmental level just added to a long list of such initiatives. My two chidren are both conservative, born-again Christian but it seems to me that they have both been hood-winked by Disney along with a whole generation or two. Am I a nut and crazy fanatic or is there some value to what I think I am observing?
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  2. No you not crazy everyone knows walt disney makes cartoon fairy tales and those fairy tales arent christian. All fairy tales contain elements of witchcraft.

    Of course they are geared toward children Im not sure what you would do as a parent, my little cousins who are girls LOVE Frozen. But I guess you would tell them the truth and that Frozen is actually dressed up witches. And that witchcraft is not acceptable to God. If they can discern its no good that would be great I know its hard cos it just looks so seductive.
    Its kinda of like steering children away from Santa Claus.
  3. I think one of the best things you could do is to either sit and watch the movie with your grandkids and have them discuss it with you as it goes along, or watch the whole thing and then discuss it. Notice the key thing here is to ask them questions -first-, rather than telling them how it is.

    When we fear for our children, it is very common for us to unintentionally put ideas into the mind of a child that are not there since we are thinking with the minds of adults. Worthy questions might be things like:

    "Who's your favorite character? Why?", "What did you think of this part of the movie?" (pick one--I particularly like the idea that Ana is willing to risk her own life to save her sister; what a selfless, Jesus like behavior, no?) Ask them if they think Elsa's magic was more of a help or hindrance to her; it could potentially be used as a great example of why even though it make look "cool" (in Frozen), God wants us to love Him in Faith rather than granting us ice spells like she has.

    You want respect from your grandkids, no doubt. But you, as the grandma, also have a special position which can grant you the ability to teach your precious grandkids valuable lessons they may not be willing to get from mom and dad. (It's just how kids are.) As you become part of their world, you could research ways to encourage or invite them to become part of yours. My aunt Brenda was our biggest influence media wise as little kids; she went out of her way to find exciting new things for us to watch, games for us all to play together, etc. and my brothers and I absolutely revered her. She was a Hero in our childhood minds and twenty-some years later I can still vividly recall things we did with her.

    If you can figure out (a) what is drawing your grandkids to Frozen--not to be confused with what you fear is doing this--and (b) what they feel they are taking away from it, you can truly know what and whether your grandkids are in legit danger from getting bad messages, you can see what might need a bit of guidance to put things back in the right order, and you can likely figure out a way to do that which won't put a wedge between you and them.

    In today's world there is definitely a ton of crap which can pollute the minds of our kids, but it is very key to find out what our kids are actually getting from what they are watching and then to use that as a means to teach the values we actually want to instill. Bless you for your concerns on behalf of these little ones. I sincerely hope that you will find a method that will bring you peace of mind about this matter, and which will provide you with potential (and clever!) solutions to help them if you discover there are issues afoot.
  4. Lanolin, Walt died decades ago. When he was alive the original Disney shows and movies were clean and very good family watching material. It was after Walt died and his brother took over when all hell broke loose; literally.

    I love my children who had these grandchildren. I would terribly offend them if I told their chidren what you suggest. Quess what would happen to any future opportunity to influence my grandchildren if I said something to them which offended their parents, my children? We wouldn't see them again and grandparents are significant influencers in many people's lives. I would be responsible to God for doing something which I knew could cut me off from influencing them for Him. That is one very popular way of children getting back at their parents if they are mad at them; with hold the grandchildren. I try to redirect and distract them away from "Frozen" and its propaganda but not easy.

    I know what to do. I think I was asking if I was a nut in seeing things as I so as a Christian. Many Christians today DON'T see Disney as you or I would describe it. REALLY. And those who see it my way it seems would rather be politically correct or not rock the boat or cause any conflict than take a stand for what they know is right, I think.
  5. Thank you Kathy. I have watched once w/them during a Christmas family reunion which they brought the movie for but both pairs of parents were present. They would have been very sensitive to my questions; in fact, I did make a comment on something which was said in the movie as it played to them to see how they were orientated to the movie to see if I should say anything more as the movie progressed. The response was a resounding, "DON'T!" Like I said to Lanolin, I have statagies to address the concern for the movie's influence which can change in time; as they watch there may be no negative derivatation but some event in the future can bring the memory of the movie back into perspective and then have a negative impact over some current stimulus 10-20-30 yrs later. Like God's Word which never comes back void; satan's input can never come back void, just put on hold till satan can use it later. This why I think we need to be so vigilant about what we allow in our or our children's or grandchildren's minds in as much as we have control, appropriate control.

    Nice input about your Aunt and how we can influence like her. Oh, also, not all people learn the same way. One child of mine just totally resneted me interrupting the flow of the show or movie and injecting a quick comment such as you suggest.
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  6. Totally agree with you about the varying ways kids learn. I was suggesting during or casually later on depending on that. :) And I think it sounds like you've got things in a very good perspective. We cannot protect kids from everything forever, so working to give them good thinking skills and a solid backdrop to compare things against is absolutely key. Again, best of luck and God bless.
  7. Well I dont think my cousins would be offended, they know santa isnt real, and they know Im a christian. They also know what witches are. They might not know how dangerous they can be, but if I was their parent yes I would warn them. That would be the loving thing to do.

    I dont see the issue.
    Ive seen frozen, ive seen little girls idolise those princesses. It is not offending children to tell them the truth about whats behind it all, and that santa claus and reindeer arent real, and cartoon characters arent real. An imagination is a good thing but I also remember what it was like for me as a child to slip into a fantasy world and to make believe and have magic things happen.

    When God found me He also taught me what was behind it all.
    As for walt disney, yes it has changed but there was always an element of witchcraft even in the early stories eg snow white and the seven dwarves. The witch in that one is glamourous. But she still evil, and shes still a witch.

    Wizard of oz is also occult based i.e frank L baum was a student of theosophy, and into occult ideas.
  8. I think its good you are concerned and dealing with this in a sensitive way..its different for each child I suppose.

    If I see a boy just totally obesssed with video games and playing shoot em ups, which I have seen in a christian lady who was widowed play while I was at her house..Im dismayed, I think I just asked her son if he knew what he was playing and why he was playing it, and would he do that in real life?
    He gave me quite a good answer though and then stopped playing an dawotched to a video game of football instead, cos it was kinda offending me to see people getting shot in a video game and blood and gore everywhere. Its not good to enjoy what is evil even if its 'virtual'.
  9. I think prayer is my first line of defense and offence in this situation. Then whenever I get a chance while I am with them to expose the fallacy and the shear evil/self-cnteredness--self-indulgence of other beliefs/doctrine/ideologies/philosophies as they expose themselves elsewhere in our life together I will point them out and recall that Elsa sang in support of such on "Frozen" and expose how sad and fiendless her life must have been.
  10. I kinda look at Frozen (I've only seen it once and not paid much attention to the song) as coming across as affirming being sisters. Much of the witchcraft and other subtle occult things will go right over children's heads.

    And being sisters who love each other and care for each other is a christian virtue I would think.

    As long as the children aren't idolising the princesses then I don't think you'd have much to worry about. If they started pestering their parents for dolls and dressing up to look exactly like them and pretending to be Elsa etc I would then be a bit concerned.
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    Lanolin, I see. It is OK to plant garbage, topped with icing and surrounded with sweetness and flavorings, in extremely impressionable minds who will remember the ideologies and such long into their later formidable years, even if subconsciously, and potentially utilize such information in deciphering/understanding the world around them as they develop into adults. Hitler used this process to create his army of muderers and haters as others have and are. A certain faction of atrocious sinners (sexual sin is pointed out in I Cor 6 as such sin; all sin the same but sexual sin is sin against the Temple of God) has used this process, in my opinion, mostly thru Disney productions over the last three to four decades to evetually effect federally forced acceptance and a federally madated change in one of God's institutions.

    I get your point that it is OK to feed our young minds garbage as long as they are momentarily distracted by sweet things mixed in with it. But I don't agree with it. The garbage slid in right along with the flavorings and sugar and will reap its considerations later. Hopefully and prayerfully such considerations will be at a time and place and stage of development where the clever and deceitful evil will be exposed but you know and I know that that is not what always happens. Esp these days in a development environment where such sins as mentioned above have mandated acceptance and Christian expression is all but outlawed and peer pressure is so strong.
  12. I get the underlying current of ideas being planted and sprouting up later causing wrong thinking and allowing evil to crop up.
    What you have to ask yourself is what do the children take away from the movie? Who will they relate to and imitate?
    Obviously, the children will grow up without any ice powers. So they probably will identify with Ana more than Elsa. What lessons would they learn from Ana?
    One would be, be careful in your choice of boyfriends. Marrying the first handsome charming one is not the best decision. Getting to know the guy is far more important, because when things go wrong you need the one whom you can count on.
    Second, sacrificing and giving your all for a loved one, and the difference that makes is another lesson. This love given changed the ability, in this case magic but in the real world other abilities, from one of destruction to one of a force for good.
    God can use these references of witchcraft and self reliance for good. Romans 8:28
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  13. Of course, it is our job as we grow old... to be "conservative" and remind young people to get real/ reality...
    I think we are all been there... we were all kids once "idealism", "romanticism" we want to save the world….. : )

    .....because the whole creation is aching for deliverance, for salvation......

    Romans 8:22
    For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.
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  14. Huh?
    I didnt say it was alright.
    Im just saying if its already there you have to take it for what it is, and decide for yourself what you gonna do about it, children are ALREADY exposed to this crap.

    Eg. How can I stop my little cousins from watching it, when they decide to. I had no idea what it was about, actually they wanted ME to watch the movie. frozen is just a modern retake of the story The Snow Queen.
    Many fairy tales are actually warnings about witches and magic, but it seems now modern day, they are making it glamourous and calling evil good, and good, evil. Thats what you need to watch out for and teach your children the difference.
  15. I once read that from a book by a known psychiatrist, Carl Jung….

    It is a cycle for man, man is looking for a model:
    as a young boy: a "Superman": we want to save the world
    as a young adult: a "Tarzan", physically fit and attractive...
    as an old man: a "Gandhi" on spiritual things….

    i think it is man's, the secular world's effort to find the "truth".. of course, we know better....

    John 15:5New King James Version (NKJV)
    “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.
  16. My daughter, while not yet three years old does love the song "Let it Go" as does her mom and I. I mainly like it for the phrase "the cold never bothered me anyway" as that is exactly me as well.

    We have watched the movie a few times and I plan on putting it on my phone for those times when we were out and she is getting bored and mommy and daddy can not distract her.

    I see the movie as having many Christian concepts in it to be honest. It's about self sacrifice and redemption. It's about acting in love. Not hiding your feelings, but rather bring them out into the open, etc...

    There are many teachable moments in the movie.

    Next time we go to Disney which should be this fall (my wife's dad works in the crystal arts shop on Main Street USA as a glass blower, so he gets us in free) I plan on making one of our fast passes the meet and greet with Elsa and Anna for our daughter.
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  17. Walt Disney was racist...he wasn't that good.

    Also if you listen to the whole song I feel it relates more to mental illness than anything...(or just being who you are ) and just letting go the need to hold it together all the time, and its okay to open up to people about this, so you can get some help.
  18. Interesting Comments.
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  19. Love that song from Frozen nonetheless!
  20. I find it annoying.
    But, good for people struggling with co-dependency. Lol.
    The only bit I know is 'let it go' chanted over and over.

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