From Muslim To Christian (Real Life Testimonies)

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  1. You may have recently read about the suspension of a political science professor, presumably a Christian, from Wheaton college. She had made a statement on social media that Islam and Christianity worship the same God. And she started to don the Hijab in solidarity with Muslims.

    This video puts her blasphemy , as I call it, in perspective.
    I believe we're being invaded by Muslims when there have been over 100,000 Syrian refugees brought to America at tax payer expense since 2012 under this current.A man I believe to be secret Muslim president; Barack Obama. Link: [​IMG]
    And when Syrian men in other countries are raping Kafir (non-Muslim) women, as in Sweden where women are being assaulted with greater regularity and by the Syrian male refugees that country has taken in. When in London a police chief has gone on the record, and police there are unarmed save for a special branch that must be called to act when necessary, to say that police have to contact the elders in certain parts of Muslim controlled London for permission to enter. And when they do they're afraid for their lives due to Sharia law controlling that English territory.

    You'll never change what you tolerate and you'll never be safe if you tolerate a political ideology that has no tolerance for you. Islam is not a religion! It is a political ideology.

    God help us. God save America and all the world from the terror that walks in the name of Muhammad and Allah. Amen.
  2. keep standing on Ps 91 and Is 54 for you and your family and all of our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world. God is our refuge..our inaccessible place of protection. and He will keep us protected if we trust Him and listen to His direction and keep the commandment of Love.

    thanks for this article :)
    God Bless you!
  3. You're welcome. God Bless you too. :D
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