From a Christian perspective, What does God say about staying with someone who is addicted to pills?

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  1. From a Christian perspective, What does God say about staying with someone who is addicted to pills?

    I take care of my grand baby during the day and he never has her by his self. I have recently been letting go and letting God take care of it but inside it is tearing me up. I haven't even let him know that I know which makes me feel that he thinks he is getting away with it. I dealt with this for years and have left him several times. But before he was taking something that made him mean when he came down off of them. Then he started taking something that doesn't make him mean when he comes off of them. The last time I came back home, I had prayed to God and asked him to tell me in his word what to do. I found all kinds of verses telling me I should stay with him and I felt confident God had answered my question. Right after I moved in he got really bad back on the pills and I asked God why would he let things get worse, are you testing me? I love/hate him! He goes through stages where he stays straight for a while. Then he gets back on them. He has been doing it for the last week or so straight. I haven't said a word about knowing. What should I do? From a Biblical perspective. In 13 years I have not been able to get him to get help. I wish he would realize he has a problem but he knows he went from taking handfuls of xanax to taking a couple of hydrocodones a day. So he thinks that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. It appears that you are experiencing the difficulties of being unevenly yoked with an unbeliever; while the Apostle Paul clearly does not consider this fact alone to be cause for separation, the extenuating circumstances warrant there own consideration 1 Co. 7:14-15. However no one but G-d can weigh your conscience, and give you the absolute answer by advise in matters of discord such as you describe. The only true advise anyone can give in matters like yours, is to pray and listen to what your spirit tells you to do; while knowing that whatever you decide to be right for you, in Yeshua you have His forgiveness. May Elohim bless you with His shalom. Amen!
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