Frogs, Rainbows, and Hamburgers.

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  1. Frogs, Rainbows, and Hamburgers.

    Frogs, Rainbows, and Hamburgers.

    I think I had so much more not long ago.
    I walked in a powerful way that I no longer know.

    The freedoms I once knew now seam forbidden.
    Oh God I'm still your child right, just backslidden?

    So this is what it is to fear
    and what it takes to draw near.
    Lord please touch these eyes -
    Make my vision clear.

    Tides rise, but you know - they won't push me back.
    I know you're in it somehow - I better pick up the slack.

    Into the deep where you are - It's where I wanna be.
    No matter how much I fear this sea consuming me.

    Through trials and tribulations
    You're making me stronger.
    Yea, I wandered, but I'm back.
    And this time, I'm staying longer.

    So what do frogs, rainbows, and hamburgers have to do with this story?
    Well... I just couldn't think of a title - I'm sorry!
  2. How's that for goofy? XD
  3. Thanks for sharing the poem. I'm just glad to see that your not eating frog hamburgers. I was very worried...
    Yes, he makes us stronger through our trials.
  4. Yea I ate a frog burger, and then I started seeing rainbows everywhere. O_o

  5. Every time I read your poems I am ecouraged... thank you

    and iridiscent frogs?:D
  6. that's something I can identify with :/
    cute title,btw :)

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