Friends within youth/ church

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  1. Friends within youth/ church

    I have been a member of my youth since i may 2008. My youth goes up to 25. My best friend is from my youth and my age and i have one or two other friends my age from the youth but mainly, i talk to people who are in their 20's in the youth and also alot of people in their 30's and 40's in my church. Does this seem weird or is anyone else the same?
  2. As a 45 year old youth pastor, my answer to you would be that it's wonderful that you talk to the 30+ crowd ! We need to surround ourselves with people who can enrich and pour into our lives. The expierences of the "older crowd" can provide you with an invaluable resourse of support and a wealth of encouragement and nurturing - Go for it !!

    Pastor Glenn

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