Freedom & Fellowship in Jesus' Name - A new direction for CFS

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  1. Freedom & Fellowship in Jesus' Name - A new direction for CFS

    I felt a compulsion to guide CFS toward a new direction. We will be a highly evangelistic community focusing on freeing Christians and non-Christians from all sorts of bondage and getting them to live free in JESUS' NAME. We will NOT be another religious website. Our guide will be the Holy Spirit. I'm getting back into the senior staff as evangelist/visionary. :)

    Our staff will be the same great people but better equipped to take this vision forward.

    Everything will be done to glorify JESUS' NAME.
  2. 1 Thessalonians 5:11

    11 Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

  3. Hello my Brother and Sister including staff,

    If possible could you replace your avatar with real picture of you.
    Go to Settings > Edit Avatar > Upload Image from your computer > Save Changes

    It does take courage to come out of an avatar. I think internet has made us unnecessarily private, that we are not bold enough to tell the world who we are.
    God made everyone wonderfully and with that realization there's nothing about us we need to hide or feel private about.
    It's another level of freedom to see a person's face when discussing topics.

    For security reasons, your profile information is still kept private with CFS. We wont share that with anyone. :)

    May God be your guide. :D

  4. Jeff, God bless you brother! I am so glad to see how you are following the leading of the Holy Spirit!

    May the Lord bless you and this site as you follow the vision HE has for it:)

  5. This is awesome! You truly are a visionary :)
    Thank you Jeff and thank you Jesus!

  6. Hi Jeff ,

    The only problem with that is that people from outside the forum can see my picture and I do not want to put it on the main page but can put it on my profile . I understand what you re saying but I just do not feel comfortable putting my mugg on the main page.

    I love where you are taking this forum and am so pleased that you are following the vision that God is giving you .
  7. Thats okay Dusty. Do it only if you are comfortable with that idea. :)

    It's interesting how different people feel differently about their privacy (what we have left of it in our society - which is precious little!)

    Forums work because of privacy. Folk feel freer to speak anonymously. That's just how it is. I've put our pic up as an avatar in numbers of forums over many years, because we are all visual people, and a photo helps me to relate to others and they to me.

    Yet I've not used my name anywhere on the Internet since it's early days in the 1990's, when a hacker attacked us cos we had Chriatian websites up, and got into our computers for a long, long 4 months before we were able to get rid of him. Even when I changed IP's 4 times, he found us again - we think by tracking me via my email address, which back then was my NAME!!! I've been private on the Net ever since!!

    On this subject, folks may not know that Facebook collects ALL of your data, then scours the world, USING what you gave them, to collect all OTHER data about you that they can find (even via newspapers!) If you resign they will still RETAIN it all. I know cos I read it in their Rules and Regs (but who normally reads them?) So don't bother searching for me on Facebook as I'm not there!!

    I do support Jeff's call for a pic as your avatar if you feel able. It will help us seeing your "mugg" as Dusty delightfully called it! lol

    - BM
  9. This is awesome good news Jeff and so needed God has heard the prayers of my heart !
  10. Well you can also realize that for a single , lady , it might be a security risk and I also do not think the young girls on this forum should post their picture either . There are too many _______ out there just wanting to pick up these photos . It is not safe.
  11. And then there are those like me who, if they put their pic on here it would crash the site, just as some would break the camera if they took a picuture :p
  12. If you feel its not safe, don't do it. You can put it as profile picture and adjust privacy permission via settings if you wish. :)

    Anyway, we are working on the changes as per the new vision for CFS and most of them could be implemented by the end of this month. So get ready!! :D Invite your friends too.
  13. We've re-written our mission and vision statements. Evangelism forums have been created.
    Still a few more work to be done. :)
  14. I think this is wonderful news :) I see too much sin creeping into the secular and religious worlds. I've been on Christian boards since 2001 and I think I've created a hard shell because of how I was treated by some Sisters and Brothers online. But we all need support and love and I know the Lord uses our Sisters and Brothers to share His wisdom and to heal our hearts. May the Lord bless this ministry and may the Spirit guide us.
  15. Dear Dusty, nothing in my post was meant to indicate anything against your feelings on this matter. No one wants you or anyone to do something you don't feel comfortable with.

    With love!

    - BM
  16. Jeff, may ordinary members read the new Mission and Vision statements. If so, where are they?


    - BM
  17. It's not up yet but here's what we've agreed on:

    Vision: God's unconditional love and salvation shared to the world through the leading of the Holy Spirit.
    Mission: CFS will be a place of friendly fellowship in Jesus name and a place of total freedom by the power of the Holy Spirit. A place where Seekers may come to find real answers to honest questions.

    Update: We're currently testing Live Chat on our forums. The moderators have already been given access. Helper's would be getting their accounts soon too.

    In future, we may try out small groups within CFS. We'll have carers from all around the world to lead these groups. That way everyone is contacted and kept active. :) It's only an idea now.
  18. If it's God's idea, it will work...
  19. Praise the Lord! That sounds great to me! :D

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