Free log barn for my yard.

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Tyler1, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Free log barn for my yard.

    Today I tore apart and loaded a large log barn. I can't believe I'm still walking, the logs are in great shape....very heavy. The earliest date I found carved in the logs was 1941 by a guy who wrote "deer kill" next to it. It took about 12.5 hours. I also got a killer antique sink and other antique goodies, great day, way better then spending it in the office.
    The pic.s are from the 2nd load of 3, with a rock foundation I should be able to get a huge loft in it when I assemble it back together. I've collected about 8 yards of granite to build a fireplace when I start getting it together, which should be a while if an upcoming hip surgery goes as planned.



    Faith is a backflip 30lbs heavier than the summer before when you did it last, wait, maybe it's more like stupidity....:).

  2. Very cool pics! That looks like a lot of work- I am perspiring just looking at it! Also a nice back flip brother!:D
  3. Tyler, buddy! One day can you teach me how to levitate over the water like that?:D
  4. I'm so sore from yesterday I had a side of ibuprofin (?) with my breakfast...:D. I can't quit smiling I'm so excited about what I can build with the logs. If you guys can believe it :), there was some prayer involved in acquiring the logs, and tons of prayer and thanksgiving while loading it into the trailer by myself, I think that's why I was able to get it done in one day. My heart is really singing and praising today.

    The backflip looks graceful locked in space like that...I landed like an old man over 30 should, facing exactly the opposite way than in the pic...bellyflop.
  5. Looks like you know how to play just as hard as you work. That's good! Praise God!

    I know some people who hardly ever leave their houses and are just content to sit at the computer allllll day long.:(

    I think I'm going to visit my gramma next week. What I just typed out made me feel like getting out of the state for a bit.;)
  6. It is going to be like Lincoln Logs. All ready cut to shape and fit. Only grown up style. Nice find Tyler1. Iwanna play!!!:D
    May God bless you in your efforts AMEN.
    Chili out.
  7. Now will of course only be moving one log at a time while your hip heals, won't you?:D

    After a hernia operation I was told to lay still and rest. I wound up cleaning up my house, one thing at a time, slowly. By the end of the day, I was reassembling my bed in a different position in my bedroom. My mom came by to visit and said: "Didn't the doctor tell you not to strain yourself?":mad:

    "That's why I took the bed apart," I told her. "So I'd have a lot of smaller, lighter pieces to move instead of one big bed!"


    You take care now, buddy. Put this project on hold while you're healing, okay? Let our Lord Almighty do His wonders in your body, in healing, and you'll have many more days to play with your logs.

  9. Project is on hold :) . After this time off my feet, I'll be a terror at my place, projects are going to get done. After hunting and fishing of course.

    Thanks Whirlwind.
  10. Whos performing the backflip?
  11. Some guy who has been stuck in a mid-life crisis since he turned 27, he's always trying tricks he did when he was younger, but they don't go as smooth...

    me :D .
  12. hmmm now for some reason i want to go out to the lake where my grandma used to live and jump off the dock thats on the beach at my aunts summer house hmmm maybe next time i am on that side of canada (if there is a next time :S im not liking living on the other side of canada so much any more :( )

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