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  1. I think I will be retiring soon, and so I've taken out of storage the many notebooks I filled from the lengthy days I spent going over the first principles listed in Hebrews 6, both while sitting under teachers and as I searched the Scriptures to see whether they be so. I'm offering those notes and compilations freely to those who might be interested in building a foundation and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of the Word.

    My site is at and is open for those who want to read, discuss, and build on my notes, but not for those interested in lengthy warlike debates, most of which all of us are familiar.

    I add one thread per day on average and have at least another year's worth to add to what I've uploaded so far. It's really helped me to build a very strong base of knowledge in my life and has laid a stable foundation for which I grateful and want to share with others.

    In Christ,
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  2. Sounds like a good work David. You keep it up my brother. Keep giving out the Word of God because it is needed more today than anything else.
  3. Thanks, Major. I am finding it very difficult to gain readers. Instead, several folks stopped by who wanted to turn what I write into another battle ground, to stir up controversy and antagonism. when all I want to do is to share what I've learned. I'm hoping to locate small churches who are looking for teaching material and have sent my link to churches across the globe -- those that I thought might have believers who can not afford the steep prices that televangelists charge for their materials. Unlike the big names, I'm offering all of my hard work freely, and still I've had little response. Nevertheless, I'll continue to compile and add threads as the Lord leads, and hopefully as I build they will come. Bless you brother.

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