Free Christian Booklets Available In Many Languages

Discussion in 'Evangelism' started by Craig Dressler, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. World Missionary Press has free "Help From Above" booklets available in numerous languages. Most of the time they will send them to you for free. For example, I noticed that there are a number of Somali immigrants in my city, so I requested booklets in Somali. World Missionary Press sent me a packet of Somali booklets for free and probably more than I can use. Now whenever I see a Somali when I am running my errands(They are usually easy to spot by their clothing), I stop and give the person a booklet. So far every booklet I have offered to a Somali has been willingly taken. World Missionary Press can be contacted at the following website:
  2. Craig---- Thanks so much. A co-worker of mine speaks Hindi (from India) so I requested a few tracts in that language. Thank you for the link, and the information!
  3. Craig---

    Thanks once again for that link. I asked if they could send some booklets in Hindi, as I work with someone who speaks that language, and the tracts arrived today in the mail. I am so thankful you provided that link. God bless you!

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