Free Campfire Cookbook

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  1. Free Campfire Cookbook

    Fall and camping were meant for each other. For several years my son and I would attend a reenactment camp each fall. There is nothing like a cool evening warmed by a flickering fire. Except eating a hearty meal cooked over the fire! Back in our camping days, also the early days of the internet, I came across a free camping cookbook which I printed out on my old dot matrix printer.

    We used that cookbook all our camping years. Since then I have come across several camping and Dutch oven cookbooks and have been amazed at the prices and disappointed with their offerings. I decided to go onto the internet and see if the old Scout cookbook was still offered. It took a while sifting through commercial sites with a few lame recipes until I found it. Even though it is the best camping cookbook I have ever seen the scouts still offer it for free!

    You can download it here:

    (reprinted from, used by permission)
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