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  1. As we walk by faith we grow. it is not so easy to believe in what we cannot see. All people must grow. Peter when he stepped out by faith began to sink. Jesus said it was little faith. Jesus still saved him by grabbing his hand and pulling him up.

    What is unfortunate is there are many preachers who have little or no faith. They cannot teach faith and the needed things for God's sheep. Jesus said when he returns will he find any faith. Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us how to have more faith.
    in Jude 1:20 it says build up yourselves praying in the Holy Spirit. tongues. In this hour there is a increase in praying that way as Jesus return is very near.

    Very few have had a encounter with God. that is a personal relationship. He is just a belief. some are more serious about their walk but don't know him personally. If you read Revelations chap. 12: you will see 2 attacks in the last day. first he will come after the woman. then he will come after the remnant of her seed. The group who are caught up to God are true ready prepared holy believers. One must be kidding that they will be as a Christian raptured while sitting in a bar. Or laying in bed with some person in a wrong way. Tongues is for those who want to talk so holy that they have God himself praying through them.

    This is a day of many occult interests. These were created at the tower of Babel. The world is being prepared for the anti Christ.
    He is so much like Nimrod the rebel. Even now government buildings are created in the image of the tower of Babel. Videos reveal that. Also pyramid shaped buildings. Some like the occult star of Satan worship.

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