Four Days In ‘rocket City’ – Sderot

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  1. By Ian Norton,

    ‘Welcome to Sderot’ the road sign reads as I enter this Southern Israel city just before Shabbat. Within a few minutes of arriving the screaming of an Iron Dome rocket being launched to intercept an incoming rocket from Gaza causes your heart to miss a beat. Then as the rocket gets intercepted and explodes just overhead one immediately understands this place is not your typical city!

    An earily quiet Sderot Bus/Rocket Shelter

    The first thing one notes is the erratic diving: Not because of incompetence behind the wheel but of the urgency to just get to ones destination where the safety of the bomb shelter waits.

    Within 24 hours you have familiarized yourself with the 6 distinct sounds that permeate daily life in Sderot: “Tzeva Adom” (Red Alert Siren) – Iron Dome launching – Rockets getting hit out of sky – Rockets hitting ground – Tanks firing into Gaza and birds singing.

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