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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Aug 25, 2014.

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    Hi, it works for me. Can you explain a little bit more about the issue? Is it possible for you to send me a screenshot? Thanks.
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    It does not lite up when i hover over it. It's not a super big deal cuz i can look it up in my Bible but it was convenient :)
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    It's related to the theme you are using. :) Even on the main theme the verse link feature may stop working after we shift to https connection which will happen in a few weeks. The verselink feature currently does not work over secure https connection. I have already contacted eBible regarding this issue. I'll keep you updated.

    If possible please help and vote this suggestion up:
  4. I thought it might be my browser. Normally I use firefox and recently I installed waterfox for 64 bit OS....which is WAY FASTER than firefox. But I just opened up firefox again and i get the same results. So I believe it is not the browser. Just trying things to see if it will come about. :(
  5. No, it's the CFS theme/skin you selected. It has nothing to do with your browser or computer. If you select the Scratch Child theme, the links should work again.
  6. I've still never found the skin option...
  7. BINGO!! hehehe Thanks Jeff buddy ol pal ol chum, ol friend, my brother from another mother :LOL::D:cool:
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  8. I've made a small change. Can you check now? Honestly I don't know how the other mods are able to view the old themes. The old themes will break after a major software upgrade.
  9. I still don't see where to make a skin change...

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