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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. On recommendation from our hosting company, I have upgraded our hosting to a ServInt Solid Fire SSD plan. This was the reason why the forums where closed for a few hours. SolidFire SSD VPS is supposed to give disk speed guarantees, which we will not get on other VPS platforms. This means CFS will not have lag times due to noisy neighbors on the same server. If you still experience lag times, please let me know.
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  2. Awesome! Google loves fast websites.
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  3. I am also working on a new nice theme which you will be seeing soon. Also, in a few weeks our software will be upgraded to it's latest version which will include new moderator tools. More good things to come in the future.
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  4. The forum seems to be really fast.. Not sure if its the upgrade or I am having good internet :D
  5. I hope it's both. :)
  6. Forum theme has changed.
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  7. I like the idea of choosing your own style format :)
  8. Did you mean that its a good idea that I can choose my own style
    or that you want more style options?
  9. I can choose my own style. No more options is needed IMHO :) Roc n roll!! TY Jeff
  10. Is this the last of the upgrades for a while? Jeff
  11. I'll see what I can do. :)
  12. This is the last of design upgrades for a while.
  13. It's very cool that we can choose what we want to see as a forum format. Good work Jeff and Xenforo :)
  14. I also see there are no ad's. I will try diff themes to see.
  15. Ads are shown to regular members and guests. It's ad-free for supporters.
  16. Ahhhh OK cool man LOL
    Your work here has been out of bounds!! That is a good thing :):D:D:cool:
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  17. As of now all server-side softwares like php, mysql, apache and nginx has been updated to their latest version. By end of September all communication will be encrypted by making use of SSL cert.
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  18. Do you have minify CSS enabled?
  19. Yes. It is enabled.
  20. Jeff; none of the scripture short cuts work. At least not for me. For instance Matthew 5:1 oowatch it make a liar out of me LOL

    Matthew 5;1
    I know it's quotations as you told me b 4 but it's not working. :)

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