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Discussion in 'Staff Announcements' started by Jeffin, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. That one looks nice and clean, Jeff!
  2. Jeff, the one you like....can the format be changed?
    There is no room on the left if you want your ads~

  3. Oh. I can completely (may be not completely) change its format. I can add ads anywhere I want, change colors etc. :)

    The one which we are having right now is a modified version of
    All done by tweaking html and changing colors and adding pictures modified in photoshop.
  4. Really?
    Change the colors?
    That's cool!

    I still think warm and inviting colors would be so cosy!

  5. You like orange color don't you. :D
  6. Or beiges and golds~
    Then you could use red which I think you like, or orange.....but golds and beiges are warm and heaven-like.

    So is purple!:)
  7. I like gold too. :)
  8. Jeff:

    Did you decide if you were going to change the forum aesthetics over to another template?
  9. Avlight, there's an major upgrade coming up for vbulletin. I have to wait till they release that upgrade and see if the skin is compatible with software. That's why the wait. Also my computer have some issues which needs to get fixed.
  10. Good thinking. I am not a vBulletin follower per se and based on what you posted I would wait also
  11. I can certainly understand waiting for the upgrade. Why not add the option for more than one skin under the forum options? I've seen several others like that, and although the site you linked charges for their skins, there are freebies out there.
  12. Yes, I do like your choice (with some nice colours of course!)

    But I also like the site as it is - good job!

    I did think Fundamental is 'different', but maybe a bit too different (I've always liked alternate different colours in posts). And it's true that there are many free skins out there for vB.

    - BM and his Lady
  13. Hmm... thought I'd save a sig. Always fingers and thumbs getting used to a new forum! *back to the drawing board* :)

    EDIT. Okay, so I DID save the sig. Wonder why not in the "first" post? :confused: Oh, well, no problems! *grins*

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